today is one of those days when i think about the people i know who are hurting and i pray that they will feel better soon. and i hear someone i love very much on the phone and the person on the other line is saying “no” when i know he is hoping for a yes, yet there is no show of disappointment at the rejection because it is familiar and because he knows that it is their loss, and every time he tries again (and i respect him and love him a lot for that). also, today i saw an article that reminded me of the times when i was practically begging, when i was pathetic and i felt a sense of shame and anger (at you and at me).  and then i just wish so much that i can just hug everyone’s pain away and remind them that they are loved, that they deserve better things and that everything will be okay in the end, so that no one would have to feel miserable (sad, disappointed, hurt, heartbroken, empty, etc.) again. 


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