Niks, 2nd Consult

This was supposed to be posted last week but I missed my appointment for last Monday because I was so tired post-public law essay and so was my mom so we ended up not going. I really wanted to delay the appointment some more but I was running out of a certain gel for my face so I decided to just make my way down after school. Dr. Lau, whom I had my first consult with, told me straight up the first time that the order in which all the different creams and gels are applied are very important so I didn’t want to mix up my steps just because I ran out of one gel. ย The first time I went there, we went by car and we took a good five minutes to find the place but this time, I made my way down by train and I realized that it was surprisingly easy to get to! (Made it down in the ni(c )k of time as well – their break starts at 5 and I made it 4.45pm, phew).

So, for the people who are interested in Niks and whether it is workingโ€ฆ To be honest, I’m not sure whether my skin has gotten better since the first consultation at Niks. Initially, it definitely looked a lot better – my cheeks were clear! (For awhile). Maybe right now it is the purging stage? But just today, a friend told me that my skin looked a lot better, so yay I hope that is true.

Right now I’m mostly still using the same creams and gels. Save for the fact that he added 2 new gels + increased the dosage of my Stieva-A. Dr. Lau said that usually from the first visit, nothing much will change. But from the subsequent visits, there will be exponential improvement. I really, really hope that it is true :>

My skin has always looked more flushed than everyone else’s ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Or maybe Lohloh is just v fair


BUT I learnt a new thing today. Apparently (I can’t remember which gel because I have so many) but one of the gels increases the risk of sun burn which is why my face always seems so flushed nowadays!!!! W O W so magical. Which is why he gave me a bottle of sunblockโ€ฆ and I need to use it now.

With regards to my eczema, it definitely has gotten a lot better! It cleared up, until I stopped using the medication because I thought it was gone for good. But the doctor said that “with eczema, you need to be disciplined” and I guess with the recent stress re public law/ equity, it is no wonder that it flared up. Oh wells.

Fingers crossed that by the time I go back the next three weeks, there will really be exponential improvement, for everything! :>


All these are just for my face. IT’D BETTER BE FLAWLESS SOON


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