fit n f(l)ab

Signed up for a gym membership recently and I love it. I have actually been going for classes the past 3 days 🙂 HALLO FIT N FAB DAYS YOU DO NOT SEEM SO FAR AWAY NOW~

At my first class, I was a noob and also in rush to pick out my dumb bells for the class + I didn’t know that the dumb bells all had different weights, I only thought that they differed in color. So i picked my favorite basic color, blue, and then proceeded to go through half the lesson. I was really struggling throughout the lesson and I wondered why everyone else was having no difficulty. So I thought, wow, I am such a noob, I need to level up. So I really just pressed on. Until halfway through the worst exercise of the class… I realized that the lady in front of me was using 2 x  2lbs dumb bells (purple) while I was using my blue 2x 4lbs dumb bells.. HOW DUMB. I tried to suck it up and go through with it but I really couldn’t lift my arms anymore so I ran to swap my dumb bells and my instructor just laughed at me. Otherwise though, I have been enjoying the lessons and making use of the personal trainers to teach me how to use equipments 🙂


I think I injured my back after yesterday’s session – either during the class or while I was at the gym because my back has been giving me a lot of problems. The pain only started in the evening last night so I messaged Vee before leaving home and asked her about the symptoms of a heart attack and to diagnose me because the pain was on the left side and it hurt to breathe AND TO SNEEZE ESPECIALLY OMG. Plus I couldn’t really locate the pain cause I was aching in places I never knew existed so I thought it was chest pains/ a heart attack. But after a day and now that the pain is more localized, my self-diagnosis is that I probably sprained my back because I am a noob. SIGH.

So I missed a kickboxing lesson this morning because I was in so much pain I couldn’t get out of the bed. :(((( Please go away soon 😦 I have pilates class tomorrow morning and there even is a bollywood dance inspired class next week hahaah i am actually SUPER excited to go for that. Otherwise, I’m just going to lie in bed, on my back and rot until the pain goes away 😦


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