I feel as though my body is going to disintegrate. Had a movie marathon with the .17 boys but I ended up falling asleep during our first movie (Psycho). My mum was supposed to come and get me after Psycho but by the time I woke up, I’d missed her text and she went to bed already so I continued watching the second movie. Fell asleep and woke up a few times during the second movie (no surprise there) and was awake when we started our third movie (Taxi Driver) but fell asleep probably a few minutes into the show and ended up not waking up till the next morning. I really think I am getting too old to do this 😦 But twas fun (while I was awake)

The culmination of this week (LCS week, BUT IM SO GLAD IT IS OVER) +  the series of draining weeks since recess weeks




Finals are in less than 20 days and I know that I should be in hardcore mugging mode right now, maybe even camping out in  school studying, but I am S O T I R E D 😦 All I feel like doing now is this. I FEEL U LEONARD, TOTALLY FEEL U BRAH



Okay, hopefully I’d be more glam



BUT summer in about 3 weeks time. And that, I cannot wait. I just need to get through finals first.



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