calvary covers it all

Today, I prayed “God be enough for me” again. I have been praying this for awhile now. I am a hoarder, I like to keep things and people close to me – but the thing with tangible, material things is that it will never be enough there will always be something newer and better, and the thing with people is that sometimes they leave.

Then I listened to this song (“in the spirit of Easter”)

I think the biggest disconnect is that between the head and the heart and I am still struggling. I know the love that died on the cross for me, I know the love that accepted me for all I am, what I have (and do not have) and for who I am. But my heart doesn’t seem to have accepted that love, not fully such that it is truly enough and it satisfies.

I don’t want to keep running to wells that will not satisfy.



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