laugh loud loud (LLL) hehehe

Today has been a truly ridiculous day in terms of max stupidity on my part. I said so many ridiculous things today that even I have to agree that W O W… I am amazing HAHAHA.

But this one really takes the cake.

In my defense, I was really actually meaning to tweet it to Jallz after yet another ridiculous incident where basically I was in the toilet doing and minding my own business and the sensor-activated lights went off, so I had to call Jallz to walk into the toilet to activate the sensor and save me. As such, I wanted to tweet a tweet of gratitude to her. So I typed “@a” and then normally the user names with a will appear so I clicked the first one and ended up clicking on my own name and only realising after tweeting it?!? I DONT EVEN….

But thanks for the support everyone :”)

We laughed for a good 15 minutes after that. I seriously could not stop laughing and it was great. These laughing fit episodes are v rare and so few, I think the last time I laughed like this was 2011??? WOW that was a long time ago. So when I could finally stop laughing, I was filled with an immense appreciation for little moments like this – of being able to laugh at my own expense and laugh w people that are dear to me and to truly have moments of happiness in the midst of the exam gloom (and doom).


Oh, I also had Adam Road duck rice x tau huay from Canopy today thanks to a kind souls (i.e. Danny and Benita respectively) who offered to buy lunch back for us :”) law school people are truly lovely and we are not all that competitive and selfish as people make us out to be! I am really v grateful and thankful for the people I have come to know in law school because they truly are a lovely bunch :”) and even though I am so terribly behind in terms of my preparation for finals, at least I know I’m not alone in the mugging 🙂 and it’s little things and laughs like everything that happened today that keeps me going!

But now, I really really need to listen to Shanny and sleep if not I’ll be x2 (or more) giggly and talking gibberish tomorrow. (And then I might have no more friends furreals, SOBBLES)

Ft. soul sista



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