Blessed blessed blessed

People whom you least expect to end up being the one speaking into your life at the most unexpected of moments. Thank you Jesus for people who speak truth and encouragement into my life at moments when I need it the most.

Today I left M service early to join my parents at a family event and gathering to celebrate one of our ex-neighbors’ achievement. I was very reluctant to go because I wanted to study but they wanted the whole family to be there so I cabbed down and I am glad I did. I was actually on the way to take my laptop to study but I saw my ex-neighbors’ helper sitting by herself so I was planning to go over to say hi but ended up talking to her for the rest of the evening and it was lovely.

We lived in the same condo opposite SC since I was a primary school kid till just before I turned 16- she saw me since my swim-every-day-after-school days, she saw me when I was fearless, watched my performances when I sang in front of the neighbours at our get together and BBQ (without even asking if they wanted to hear me sing). She remembered all the details that I’d forgotten about my primary school days (and also my happiest days). Apparently I told her that I was sad over some boy then?!? I don’t even remember telling her that and I don’t even remember who, I guess you never grow out of some things LOLOL. What made me very happy was just seeing how much she loved us – all the girls from the condo that she watched grow up. Even though my family had our own helper and we barely saw her after we all moved to different places, tonight while talking to her, she kept repeating that she loved us :”)

The thing that struck me the most was when she said “when God gives it to you, you don’t need to worry. But when you choose for yourself, you will always feel like you need to be in control.” She was telling me this in the context of relationships but I think it is so true for every aspect of our lives and when we stop, and just trust, we won’t constantly be grasping and striving but we’ll actually be contented.

And she reminded me to love God above all else and she told me once again about the story of the cross and challenged me to know it more than just a familiar tale but to receive and truly know God’s love. (Something that I know I need to be reminded of time and time again) It was truly lovely. God speaks through the most unexpected of ways and people. I am so thankful for tonight and I am so thankful for her. Love you too Htar Htoo ❤️


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