blue skies are calling~

I really, really, really, cannot wait for summer. NEXT WEEK THIS TIME I WILL BE FREE!!! And the thought of it makes me so happy and so excited – there are SUPER a lot of things I want to do in my two weeks before internship starts and I basically just want to laze in bed and watch greys, catch up on sleep (!!!), cover more places on my 40 list of brunch places (which is still incomplete from last summer ha ha ha), gym and go for more classes while I have the time, muay thai (yay/nay for powerpuff girls muay thai shorts?), look at muay thai gloves for hours just trying to decide on which to get even if its just for kicks and there are so many more things to do!! (I am so excited for summer, I dont even care about my grammar lol)

This is honestly the first time in my 21 years where I’ve actually had a life instead of just mugging during exam season – trip with the fam just last week, squeezing in lunches with friends, 21st birthdays, social night, church, family/ family-friend dinner obligations, gym (but barely now sobbles), procrastinating via wordpress/ snapchat/ instagram/ twitter and basically not having a non-existent social life (YAY) and also social media. I truly feel happier this sem (although I might not still feel this way when I get back my grades but right now, NO REGRETS, JUST LOVE~ )

yay, truly blue skies are calling!

And this, is how I feel about finals prep right now. Like Oprah running across coal.




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