today i managed to pluck up the courage to drop an email to someone who went through things i could relate to just to say ‘hang in there’. i didn’t really expect to get a reply for the next few days, maybe. but it came in a few hours, faster than expected and it was lovely 🙂

summer is here and it has been great: started off post-exams celebrating with my bebes (KOREAN FOOD FTW), went for a mani (3$ mani?!?!?! amazeballs), went to the arcade, headed to the gym (i can’t believe i went to the gym WITHOUT my sports shoes?! so i ended up just going for pilates cos its the only one that didn’t need shoes), watched MANY episodes of the big bang theory, greys and i just started on game of thrones today. if i had not made plans for the next two weeks before my internship starts, i would probably just spend the next two weeks rotting at home in bed with game of thrones hehe 🙂 a bit late to the party so i have a lot to catch up on!

also, felt (and still feel) a bit lost now that exams are over. i reached home on friday night and thought to myself “what should i do now that exams are over?” during exams, everything else but studying seemed so enticing – i had so many things i wanted to do. but now that exams are not here… they just do not seem so attractive anymore??? strange. but im gonna make full use of my next T H R E E months. also, i cant wait for boracay!!! it is the only trip thats has been confirmed so far (food x tickets have been booked, yay!) and since im free, rob is partyin’ it up in the USA and idk what the boys are doing, im going to plan the itinerary – with manis and pedis and girly stuff muahahah. but seriously tho – boracay has cliff diving (hello twilight), some sunset sailing which sounds amazing. i cant wait!! june please come soon! 🙂  yayayayayay 🙂



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