On Year 2 Finals

It’s been slightly more than a week since summer started and I never got down to posting post-exam reflections. The joy of summer makes it (meaning exam agony) seem so far away but I really have much to be thankful for. I’ll write from what I can remember and whatever photos I have in my phone!

I mentioned in an earlier post that this time round was the first time I have felt so happy during exam season. It was the first time that I actually had a life and did not coop myself up at home or at school to study. Since young, exam season always meant just staying at home to study and not going out with friends until post exams. But Karimun happened, said yes to social night hahah, still went out for lunch with a non-law school friend two weeks before the exam which normally would not happen. And the cumulation of all the not law school/ exam related things + the lovely people I am surrounded with just filled me with so much joy.

Cheap thrill, but I managed to be in school early enough to be the first person to order at the Summit WADDUP


Stayed in school till 12+ several times and:

1. I am so thankful for my dad who always picks me up from school whenever I stay till late :”) (my mum usually drops me to school early in the morning so I am thankful for her too!)
2. Had fun being in school at 12+ and alone on L3 because I could do a shameless snapchat selfie vid
3. School is v beautiful at night.


During the exam season, I have learnt to appreciate the Summit food! And the Summit uncles and aunties. And the people in school in general. NUS exam welfare is wonderful! :”)

The snacks in the exam welfare pack helped me to survive one of the longest and most draining LCS meetings! + We had candy floss in school tooooo :> I look like a derp and I couldn’t be bothered to edit the photo but the candy floss x tau huey that day made me super happy!


One day, I was in a classroom with Jallz and Aditi and the lady at the student counter came in and offered us food that was leftover from an event :”) Ft. redbull from the girls that walked around school offering people redbull. She said “You look v tired, do you want a red bull to help you stay awake while you study?”

ImageThe night before Good Friday, the Summit aunty gave Shannon and I heaps of fruit cups, barley and sandwiches because “the next day is a public holiday so we cannot keep it for so long!”



We were obviously v pleased with the free foodImage

The two of us cannot finish so many packets of sandwiches and fruit cups by ourselves so we passed the blessing on to the other Year 2s in the library 🙂 Thank you Summit Aunty for being such a blessing!!

Having kind of praised the summit food (haha) I am v thankful for the people who go out of school for lunch and offer to buy food back :””””) Because non-summit food is always welcomed hahahah

Adam Hawker Duck Rice (one of my faves!!) courtesy of Danny


Alexander Market’s Char Siew Rice + the legendary avocado juice, courtesy of YQImage

The above photo was taken during a lunch session with Liting and to that was the day that I just felt v blessed and joyful. Firstly, because of the amazing food courtesy of YQ (good food makes me happy) and I got to have lunch with a view. Law school is beautiful and I am super thankful to God for being so good to me and for leading me to where I am. Secondly, because I had a short but lovely catch up with Liting 🙂 Thirdly, and strangely, because I almost died after choking on tau huey while laughing with Jallz and Joni. Strange thing to be thankful for but I am more thankful for them – I studied with them the most during the exam season and they made everything so much better. Also, exercised with Joni in a classroom that night and it was tiring but really fun 🙂 Also v thankful for people like Shannon for her constant words and verses of encouragement and Sixuan who would sms me before each paper to pray for me :”) I am so thankful that I got to meet such a lovely friend at SWAT camp!! :> So I am just v glad for wonderful friends and people all around who make exam season so so so much better!

Not to forget my family :”)

On days that I study at home, my mum always buys food that I like home 🙂 Ft. naan and butter chicken. There was also tom yum pasta one day!! :”) No wonder I didn’t lose weight even though I exercised quite a bit then. But I’m not complaining!


We even went out shopping one day because there was a sale at Made by Lauren-Jasmine. We did not get anything, but we did eat this earl grey tart. My mother also told me that day “你要肥死” (you are going to be v fat/ fat die you hahaha) BUT IT WAS YUMZ, REALLY REALLY YUMZ


Before my equity/ pub law paper, I jokingly messaged my mum “if I fail, will you still love me?” I had to turn off my phone right after that but after the paper, when I turned on my phone, she said “yes of course baby” and turns out she told my dad. And since he just learnt how to edit photos, he edited a photo of me hahaha and captioned it reminding me that they will always love me, no matter what grades I get :”)

Not really family but he is the cutest :”) The adults were having cell and he just came back from the playground, turned on the fan because he was feeling v warm and just stood there, v pleased with himself. Sweat patches still visible, what a QT ❤


Last but not least, thank you Jesus.


This academic year flashed by very quickly. Even within an academic year, so much has changed. The people that I talked to a lot at the end of last academic year, I no longer talk to as much (okay maybe specifically a person lol) and this is just testament to how everything is fleeting and changing. But I would like to think that I have grown – thanks to a senior, I have learnt how to and am still trying to see God in everything I study. Just like that, two years of law school is over (let me not need to repeat pls) and I am halfway through law school!

*p.s. Most of the photos are unedited – it was exam season so AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FODAT


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