Summer, Week 1

I have so many things to blog about but I don’t quite know where to start… HMMM.

1. The old slob-sloth me could never understand why and how people could love exercising so much that they would make time to go to the gym every day (sometimes at the expense of meeting their girlfriend or significant other HAHAH ok i sound bitter now lol i am not). But seriously though, I could never understand why people would put themselves through the torture that is exercise but W O W, now I know. On Sunday, after leading worship at WEB, I went over to the gym and spent 4 hours there – an hour on my own at the machines, 1 hour of energy sculpt, 1 hour of kickboxing turned body combat (which was amazing!) and 1 hour of pilates. The 4 hours left me super happy and feeling amazing (thank you endorphins) and I understood then.

2. Chivalry is dead, CHIVALRY IS DEAD: After a lovely 4 hours, I ended up being stranded at Civic Centre because it was pouring outside. So I legit stood at the entrance for 5 minutes, contemplating whether to run out and across the road to get to the MRT in the rain. And as I did, many people with umbrella walked past me and a few other people who shared the same plight as me. Okay, granted it was not just guys but still… I was so tempted to tweet: Stranded at Civic Centre because it is pouring and I have no umbrella. WILL MARRY ANYONE WHO SHELTERS ME ACROSS. But be careful what you wish for right? So I bought a soy pudding (amazeballs! One of my fav food in the world) and plonked myself down somewhere to wait out the rain.

3. Also on Sunday, I saw this boy (around 6 maybe) and his younger brother on the train. They reminded me of my sister and I, only that for us, the roles are reversed and the older boy reminder me of my sis. The younger boy’s hand would cross the boundary into his older brother’s seat and his older brother then proceeded to move his hand back to the confines of his seat. Just like how my sister always says “you are in my space” whenever i cross the imaginary line on the bed :”( hahaha but somehow that similarity made me so happy and thankful for my family ❤

4. Baked (actually it is no-bake but idk what is a better term) matcha pistachio toufu cheesecake last week!! Yay one thing off my summer to do list!! 🙂 Kudos to Shiberty for the recipe!!

Matcha Pistachio Tofu Cheesecake ft. vegetable juice (that I did not make but it is amazing!!)



5. Falling sick was not something that I’d expected or made allowances in my plans for – so ended up not gymming for two days, didn’t get to underwear shopping with Joni, didn’t get to meet the Bebes for shopping also SOBBLES :”( BUT, I watched a lot of GoT in those two days. Am at season 3 now and I am so torn as to whether to continue and catch up till the latest season 4 epsiode… because what am I gonna do in between the release of new episodes? What am I going to do when the season ends and I have to wait till the next season premieres?

6. Had lunch with Theo last week – first time having poached eggs x salmon in a long while, I HAVE MISSED IT. The food at Flock Cafe is not bad! I definitely do not mind going back there again and when I do, I want to try the coffee too! They use beans for Liberty Coffee so I think the coffee would be decent! We explored Tiong a bit (by explore I mean go to two places haha). I realised the last time the AC folks hung out after watching Rigor Mortis (which still leaves me befuddled, if anyone can explain the ending I will be v grateful!) it was also at Tiong! The boys will be leaving for uni in a few months :”( It’s not like we hang out a lot but I will def miss being able to have impromptu alochorror movie nights and get togethers! Butttttt at least we have Boracay next month!

Eggs Sally x Theo’s Pork Cheek Aglio Olio which was yumz too!


7. Oh, speaking of poached eggs, I finally went to Bread Yard. I initially though that I would get cheap and good food there but I was slightly disappointed to be honest. Also, I am v particular when it comes to utensils (after working at cafes, I definitely do not trust the dish washer) so… the utensils were definitely a put off too.

Eggs something something (some fancy name but not as fancy taste)



8. My mum’s birthday always falls on the same week as Mother’s Day and this week. Family tradition has it such that we would go to Jap restaurants for buffet so we can eat sashimi all day erryday but ever since my sister turned vegetarian, that has proved to be a problem. So this year we did things differently. First, we did not celebrate it on the actual day because my mum’s best friend brought her for a body massage and body scrub (ha ha ha, body scrub, I had a v bad experience the last time I had a body scrub). Second, instead of Jap food, we went to Skinny Pizza! And I’m glad that my mum enjoyed the food! 🙂 Third, instead of getting ice cream cakes (which we usually get for birthdays) we just got a normal cake for her. And I spoilt the suprise because I left the knife on the table SOBZ. But it was fun(ny). Then I proceeded to have the cake for breakfast lunch and dinner the next day. It is still sitting in the fridge, half eaten…. Also, on Monday night, even though I was stuck in traffic and had left home late, I some how managed to pick up a present for my mum (which she wanted but did not want to get because $ but we got it for her anyway) and still make it for energy sculpt class JUST IN TIME ninja skillz win. I have a v lovely photo of her (she is adorable) but I cannot post it here because if she ever sees it she will kill me but it is gr8, my mama is gr8.

Photo that I insta-ed from Skinny Pizza dinz with the fam. Skinny Pizza has an instagram contest, PICK ME CHOOSE ME LOVE ME


9. I realised that all my photos for the first week of summer is food related. SIGH. NEED TO WORK OUT MORE #eatdirtytraindirty I promise that the next post will not have that many food photos – I will show off my friends/ family/ anything that is not food 🙂

10. Finally got to catch Spiderman last week!! I dont understand why Emma Stone’s character had to die in Spiderman 😦 Was never really a fan of the Emma Stone – Andrew Garfield couple but after the show, W O W i think they are so cute and quirky together! Also, I remain impressed by her All I Do Is Win lip-sync on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

Thank you Jesus that summer is here 🙂 I remember when exams ended I FELT SO FREE. I only have one month out of my three months to enjoy for myself – cafe hop, eat good food, stay up late, gym all day erryday and spend time with the people I love. And I plan to make the most out of it!! My first week of summer was lovely and the second week before my first internship begins has been going great thus far. Blessed, blessed, blessed.


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