Dermatologist Updates

My posts on my consultations at Niks have been getting quite a bit of views so for those who come here looking for more info on Niks, I actually have two updates for y’all. Here goes! 🙂 

3rd Visit to Niks

I’ve been for 3 consultations at Niks so far and you can find the details for the first visit and second visit by clicking on the respective hyperlinks. All the consults are supposed to be done three weeks apart but my second and third follow ups were 4 weeks apart because I could not find time amidst assignment deadlines etc. and my products could also last me for quite awhile.

Then I went for my third visit which I did not post about because to be honest, when I went for my third visit, nothing much changed – there was not much progress in my skin from my second visit and the doctor himself said that. He was expecting more improvement but maybe my skin is very stubborn. In fact, he wanted to do a chemical peel on my face that visit but he said to wait till the following visit when my skin has cleared up more before doing the procedure. So the only change in medication was that he increased the dosage of my Stieva-A. During my first visit I used the 0.01%, then after my second visit he upped the dosage to 0.025% and at the third visit, the dosage was once again increased to 0.05%. He also added a Golden Lipid Complex into the prescription. 

After the third visit, there was quite a vast improvement and my skin definitely cleared up a lot. Friends that I catch up with after not meeting for awhile told me that my skin has improved which made me very happy 🙂 When I met Theodore last week, he said the same thing and coming from him, it definitely must be true because he shows no mercy (and he also wanted to pop a pimple that was on my chin…NO PLS) 

But… despite all the improvements, to be honest, I was not very satisfied. Yes, I am thankful that my skin has been clearing up. Yes, I am thankful that it is not as red and discoloured as it was. Yes, thank you Dr. Lau for teaching me the importance of sunblock. But I did not feel that it was under control because I still kept getting small new pimples popping up here and there and I felt like my skin was not improving as quickly as I had expected it to. 

So, here comes the next big derm update – I have since moved from Niks to IDS. 

I’ve been meaning to book an appointment with Dr. Tan at IDS for awhile now. In fact, I was supposed to go with my sister when she went for her first consultation three weeks back but because it was exam season, I decided to put it off. Also, one reason for the delay is because I was really not sure whether or not to continue on with Niks. I finally made my decision after seeing the improvement in my sister’s skin – there was really quite a marked improvement rather quickly. So I decided to just go for it (and my mum said if it does not help me, I could always go back to Niks. So we shall see!)

For those who have been googling different dermatologists/ help centres for your skin, you would have definitely heard of The DRx Clinic. Dr. Tan was the founder of DRx and I don’t quite know the story but according to my mum, he sold off DRx, retired but got bored and decided to start IDS? IDS is now 3 months old according to him. There probably was and should be a few years in between the sale and the start up of IDS because I’m very sure that they would have included a non-competition and trade restriction clause in the contract of sale and purchase of DRx (yay, my contract prof would be proud of me haha). But okay, I digress. The point is that one of the reasons as to why I decided to give IDS a try is because of Dr. Tan’s wealth of experience in this area. In fact, at the clinic, he had 3 rows of certificates displayed outside his office. 

First thing to note is that there is a lot of demand – last week when I called to make an appointment with him, I realised that his schedule was full so I only managed to get an appointment for today. My mum accompanied my sister three weeks back and there was barely any waiting time but today, we waited for almost an hour before we could see Dr. Tan. So if you want to make an appointment, do it soon! (I am not paid to advertise hahah) 

When I called the clinic to make an appointment, I was advised not to wear make up if possible because they would need to take a photo of my face. Initially, I thought it would just be like taking a passport photo but I was very surprised an amused when I was ushered into a room to take a photo and saw a machine there. So the machine basically takes photos of your face from three angles and there is also an analysis of skin type. I really wanted to take a photo, but I was a bit paiseh so I did not. But it was really fancy and cool!! When I go for my follow up consultation, I shall try to ninja a photo. 

To cut the long story short – after the photo-taking, there was quite a long waiting time but I finally got to consult Dr. Tan and he prescribed some products. I was then taken to another room by one of his staff who taught me how to use the different products. 

This is the small consult room where I was taught how to use the products. It is so sterile and professional looking just like the whole clinic! Image


And these are the products that I walked away with:



The total cost of which = …. a whooping $500+ 

This costs about 2x more than a consultation at Niks. I felt really really terrible when the staff at the counter told us the price because my parents have been paying for all the different skin products from the different dermatologists. (I promised my mum that when I start working SOOON, I would pay her back!) I really really hope that this would be the last stop for me because derm hopping is actually very tiring. Also, I think the costs depends on your skin – for my sister, all her products (different from mine) added up to around 300+. But Dr. Tan was very reassuring and he said that he would take care of my skin :”) I really hope that this will be the last time I have to derm hop and I hope that I can settle down here. It is costly but I believe in paying for quality as well and I guess I will just cut costs in other areas! Like a lower shopping budget maybe… 😦 

Having said all that about IDS and about Niks, I don’t think Niks is a bad clinic – there were rave reviews about it which is why I decided to go there in the first place, but it just wasn’t working for me. I will still continue to use some of their products though – I like the Niks bodywash and moisturiser which I will continue using. And their face wash can double up as a make up remover so I will definitely still be using it to finish the huge bottle of face wash from Niks that I have. 

Protip: When I was given the Clindagel from Niks, I was told to apply it on my whole face. But Dr. Tan said that for antibiotics as such, it should only be applied to problem areas. I will still continue to use that till I have used up my bottle, but only for problem areas now 🙂 

And if anyone has any questions about Niks you can drop me a comment or feel free to email me ( if you are shy 🙂 For IDS, I am only starting to use it so I can’t answer anything yet but I will definitely post an update on it after I go back for my review next month! Whether I stay on with IDS or head back to Niks or find somewhere else (plspls dont), we’ll see soon! x 


2 thoughts on “Dermatologist Updates

  1. Hi, any updates on your skin progress with IDS? I switched from Dr Joyce Lim to IDS (and am thinking of switching to another dermatologist) but the results aren’t very good =( wondering what your progress is.

    • Hello 🙂 I am still using IDS products – the same products as from this post, with the additional mask to use every alternate night. I only go to Dr. Tan when I run out of products and for review. My skin is definitely not perfect/ tofu-skin like yet and I still do get a few pimples popping out here and there, but I am quite pleased with how things are! Will probably need to do facials or something with them but when I have more money next time hahah. How long have you been with IDS? If you’ve only recently changed, maybe you can give some time for the products to work 🙂

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