all good and perfect gifts

I am v v v happy and satisfied after 1 week of internship at chambers. It has been an amazing experience thus far – sat in for PG mentions, trials, PTCs etc. and it’s been an eye-opener. I also sat in for a coroner’s inquiry which I enjoyed a lot more than I’d expected! It was like watching Grey’s Anatomy! But in real life and that was pretty amazing. Most of the time, I’m left feeling like this :O and I am enjoying myself so much. The people are absolutely lovely too! :”) I have a really friendly buddy who is so smiley and it’s so nice to be around her because you just feel happy 🙂 I’ve also seen a lot of familiar faces – people from church, from the debate circuit, etc so that’s been nice. They feed us a lot as well (welcome tea, welcome lunch, tea with this division and that division, mentors buying us lunch etc.) which isn’t too good because F A T S but I’m not complaining. I am SUPER grateful for all the love and welfare and I really really am just immensely grateful for the privilige to be part of the programme.

I look at the people from my batch at the internship and I know how super undeserving I am because they are deans listers and absolutely brilliant people and my grades are definitely not in the same league as theirs but I can only thank God for being so good to me and for opening and closing the right doors :””)

It is a truly beautiful place to be in :”) Breakfast is provided on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so last Friday, a few of us interns decided to head up for breakfast and this is the view from the 15th floor of the AGC building. (With filters and light effects, obviously haha)



Okay, I’m not sure whether interns are invited on Mondays and Wednesdays because this morning, I was so excited to go for breakfast (last Monday they had pancakes!!) but some interns said that we are only allowed to go on Friday, so we didn’t go in the end 😦 But it is ok!! I have been eating SO FREAKING MUCH and gymming very little 😦 I should stop eating for like two weeks because I’m sure that I’ve eaten more than enough food for two weeks in the past week!

Last Wednesday, the OG 2 folks had a mid week gathering post work at Rocku Yakiniku for Wagyu Beef BBQ buffet and it was insane – free flow meat and drinks (beer x soft drinks) all for the price of 30 bux net because YQ bought us groupon vouchers 🙂 YAY FOR GROUPON. But W O W we were all so stuffed at the end of the dinner. Benji even had to unbuckle his belt because it was too tight LOLOL and I felt like my skirt was going to burst :< But it was v worth the 30 bux. The normal price is 60 bux but no way I am going to pay 60 bux for a meal unless it has multiple Michelin stars or something.

Doesn’t this just look absolutely amazing!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


On Friday, I had yet another buffet during lunch break. One of the lovely AGC mentors (ok he is not really a mentor more like the internship co-ordinator) brought us out for lunch at Chiso Zanmai. SASHIMI!!!!! 🙂 It was amazing. I felt v bad because he had to treat 6 of us x 15+ + the additional cost for the hot pot and drinks. But he was so willing and generous :”) And my skirt felt like it was going to burst… again. I swear I am going to rip my skirt soon if we are going to be so well fed! #FIRSTWORLDPAINS

Saw this on someone’s Instagram the other day and I had to save it for myself because it is so true!



I resolve to exercise more this week! My membership at Amore expired last Friday actually 😦 So now I’m just following Youtube videos at home. I’m currently considering renewing my membership or going to a MMA gym! But considering my kickboxing prowress – who hits themselves while uppercut-ing?! – I’m not sure that MMA would be the wisest choice. BUT I LUVIT. Oh wells. But I’m so tired after work every day that I just want to go home to K.O for a long long time so this is also one of my considerations.

Also, today is Monday but there is no new episode of Game of Thrones?!? Can someone explain to me why the new episode is not out yet???? 😦


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