Hi, I am an intern…

… and I am easily impressed.

My buddy told me that the DPP whose coroner’s inquiry a few of us tagged along to said that interns are easily impressed. Probably me because I told him how it was like watching Greys but in real life and it was very interesting hahah. But in my humble opinion, it is true!

When I was at the peak of my Greys obsession, I had this quarter life crisis, where I asked myself what I was doing in law school and why was I not in med school. So the coroner’s inquiry was sort of like a fulfillment of my Greys/ med school fantasy! And we sat through it right after a 1.5 hour long Jap buffet so it must have been interesting enough for me not to food coma.

But anyway the point of that anecdote is that I hope I never lose that spark and excitement over the law. I hope that even after it has lost its novelty and excitement, I will still remain intrigued and committed to every case that I am dealt with in the future. Yesterday I sat in for a case in the High Court and it made me very happy and contented. Is it weird that I want to stay in court forever? I think that it is my happy place (on the right side of the court, that is). And I hope that I will always feel this way about the court and what I am doing.

I met up with AC friends last night and when asked about internship and whether I was looking forward to the end of it, I told them that I wish it did not end and I would want to keep doing this if I could. I really, really do :”)

I am going to resurrect the addressing of people by initials thing again, specifically for internship periods to protect the identity of people and to make sure I don’t unknowingly contravene anything!

During lunch break yesterday, my buddy SE, another DPP WK, Nicole (fellow NUS pal, should be alright to say!) and I visited Ronin. Because of the lunch crowd and not wanting to wait too long for a seat, we said yes to “we can create a table for you but it is near the toilet.” Being located near the toilet was not the interesting experience. It was the 4 of us, sitting together, in a straight row that made for a very interesting lunch time. I wish I had taken a photo of that but it was a bit paiseh… Hahah.

I did take a photo of the coffee and the roast beef sandwich which was amazing. But it is definitely not the best shot I have taken so it did not deserve a spot on Instagram. BUT I will post it here because the roast beef sandwich looked simple BUT TASTED ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I was so pleased!



Then came the case in court that I managed to sit through, which I thoroughly enjoyed!

Post work last night, I went to meet Rob and Gab. The plan was to go for drinks at Grand Hyatt but in the end we did not manage to get a table, so we went for bak chor mee instead. And curry chicken from Chippys. And milk tea. I really really need to stop eating so much good food. Or I need to start gymming/ going for classes actively again because I basically feel like a blob all the time. But good food x good company always makes for a good time :>


I saw a rainbow yesterday morning and I knew that it was going to be a good day, and it turned out to be so! 🙂

Gratitude is the real treasure God wants us to find, because it is not the pot of gold but the rainbow that colours our world.


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