love isn’t always magic/ sometimes its just melting

I’ve been clocking 5 hour naps over the weekends which is longer than the amount of sleep I get on a normal night. Preparing for two moots in a week on top of work and other commitments is seriously no joke. I could have slept early last night but the past few nights, I’ve been staying up watching and listening to poetry slam on YouTube and my “just one poem” obviously didnt work because I didn’t sleep till 2+/3am last night.
It started on the night I exchanged memos with my opponent for the upcoming moot and I was so tired of looking at the problem and decided to take a break with one video on YouTube. (I haven’t looked at the memo or the problem since oops) But obviously I did not stop at one. I must have opened at least 10 tabs on YouTube and I couldn’t stop listening. I didn’t listen to Sarah or Phil Kaye that night. I’d wanted to listen to poets I’ve never heard before and wow, I was really blown away. A few poems made me cry and that says a lot. I cried listening to Sarah Kaye before but those times were different because it had to do with heartbreak and pain of my own that was still raw and real then. This time, I wasn’t even upset to begin with?!
I would upload all the spoken poetry I have watched on YouTube the past two days but the list is really quite long. And it’s hard to pick just one or two out of the many because they are all lovely in their own way.

So… here goes the two special ones that made me :”””)/ :”””(

1. Andrea Gibson “The Pursuit of Happiness”

She is an amazing poet and this poem made me cry. Actually, I dare say that right now, she is my favourite poet. People usually wax lyrical about love and heartbreak but to write about something that is not yours, not your pain or joys, but bigger than yourself and to put it so beautifully and starkly is just pure talent.
I still remember the piece I wrote for O levels. I’d written it out the first time, a month before the exams – I wanted to write about anguish and loss, so I wrote about a mother losing her son. I wrote about him being laid to rest, his army uniform, immaculate, covering the holes in his body. I wrote about the soldier from the land of the free and home of the brave but I never considered the people on the other side, so thank you for showing that side to me. If you can only watch ONE youtube video today, watch this ^ It will change your life.

I listened to all most of her works that night and I just can’t stop at one.  This is cheating but here is another one by Andrea Gibson that I really really enjoyed too.

Andrea Gibson “Maybe I Need You”

2. Rudy Francisco “Scars/ To the New Boyfriend”

This made me cry too 😦 I sound like I cry a lot but I promise that there were only two poems that have made me cry that night.

Rudy Francisco, you are a wonderful man. And to the girl that lost you – YOUR LOSS GURL. I watched his “A lot like you” poem and :””) All I could think of was, W O W, what it would be like to inspire love and these kind of feelings in a man.

3. This was not supposed to be on the list because in all honesty, I still don’t fully comprehend this poem. He is really cute and so I watched it about 3/4 times, hoping that the meaning will set in and I will see the light but not just yet, I guess. That smile at 1:08 tho. ❤️❤️❤️

If you made it all the way to the end and watched all four poems, good on you! And I hope that you loved them as much as I did 🙂 Thank you for sharing in my 2 am nights with me. I always loved sharing my favourite music with people because it’s like sharing a bit of myself with them. And when people share their favourite songs/ good songs with me, it means even more to me :> Sharing poetry, is like sharing music too, but on a more intimate level.



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