It’s so nice to be home 🙂 I had a v lovely first day back in SG – mentoring group, hobo-ed around town in my fav and most comfortable pair of hobo pants (my mother said I looked like a gan$ta), went for a manicure, went to DFS and bought make up, headed for a v belated Fathers’ Day dinner because I left on Fathers’ Day and then went for drinks with Jess before heading to Zouk 🙂 Basically doesn’t feel like I am back in SG but still on an extended holiday because it was a JAM PACKED FUN FILLED DAY 🙂 It really is wonderful to be back in my own bed, to have clean showers and not to have to worry about ants or the huge ass lizard etc + AIR CON omg ❤ whoever invented the air conditioner is a genius. BUT having said all that, Boracay was a truly wonderful trip and I was so happy 🙂 i think traveling in general makes me very happy, traveling is like my soul food – i travel to new places, leave a piece of my heart there but come back with a fuller and happier heart :”) and this trip was no different plus the company was great!

Sim posted a group photo taken after ziplining and his caption read something along the lines of how being on the trip together was like seeing each other in school every day but better because sans the stress etc. And it is true 🙂 Tbh i think during my two years in AC, i would never have imagined this trip happening because in AC somehow we never really hung out together. But I am so so glad that post-AC, we had alcohorror movie nights etc and then this trip happened and it is possibly one of the best things to happen to me this summer :””””)

The night before

The night before the trip was quite an adventure. Roby and I decided to share a luggage so we bought check-in baggage for one trip each (we traveled via Tiger Airways which allowed us hand carry luggage of up to 10 kg but if we wanted to check-in any luggage we had to purchase it). So the night before the trip, I packed my share of clothes in and offered to drive over to her house to pass her the luggage. It was a bit of cunning on my part, having not driven since I last scratched the car, I asked my dad if I could drive the short distance over and he agreed yay! But having not driven for so long, I was damn scared so a 5 minute drive ended up taking longer than usual because at one point, I was driving at 40km/h HAHAH what a n00b. When I finally got to her condo, I drove past her block because I didnt see her there but I looked back and spotted her so I reversed the car and kept smiling and waving at her while doing that. And suddenly my dad shouted at me to stop the car because I forgot to look at my rearview mirror and was close to destroying the car that was parked behind me. In his words: “when you reverse the car, look behind you! Don’t look at roxanne and wave to her!” HAHAH ok it was not funny then but in retrospect, it is rather funny.

Wanted to join the boys at Sim’s to watch the world cup before heading to the airport but I took too long to pack so decided to give it a miss in the end! And fast forward to day 1 of the trip~~~

Day 1

Our flight was at 1045 am so Rob’s folks came to pick me up at 830am and then they dropped us off at the airport. Pre-flight was not that interesting save for 1) a certain someone forgetting to check-in his check-in luggage. So he got his seat, did his check-in but was still holding on to his luggage. LOLOL 2) selfie stick fun at Macs 🙂 First time seeing and using the selfie stick that proved to be v useful later on in the trip! Some kid at the next table at Macs saw us fiddling around with the monopod and asked his dad “Why do they need a stick?” HAHA you will figure out some day, little one. At this point, it would be apt to credit all the photos that follow to everyone else on the trip because my phone camera was spoilt. Only the front camera of my phone is working right now and obviously I wasn’t gonna selfie my way through the trip so… thanks to everyone who kindly lent me their phone to take photos 🙂 and to the resident cameramen of the trip 🙂




Boracay airport


The plane ride from Singapore to the Kalibo airport was approx. 3 hours. To get to Boracay, we had to take a 2 hour bus ride and a 15 minutes ferry… and obviously we took photos along the way.

The early part of the 2 hour odd bus ride where we were all awake with chips + drinks


Ferry ride with 10 heads + Jai’s body because he was hiding behind the life jacket


Selfie with my working front camera + someone’s fingers + Theo’s $wag cap


That’s what our ferry ride looked like


My first thought when I walked from the beach where our ferry stopped and down the short road to where we caught the tricycle to our hotel was that “this feels like Karimun all over again.” I know I haven’t posted about the impromptu Karimun trip from ages ago but the short story was that there are two places in Indonesia called Karimun and I thought we were going to the Karimun that was the beach-resort like place instead of the Karimun which is like another Batam place and I thought wrong. But anyway, I thought it was like Karimun because of the simplicity, lack of high-rise concrete buildings and the old rustic charm of the place.

This is a v nice shot by Theodore, taken somewhere along the walk from the beach till the place where we waited for the tricycle. I think it does capture, somewhat, how the non-touristy part of Boracay is like.


The tricycle is basically the equivalent of our local taxis and the one that we first took was the normal, non-motorised one. Our first ride on the tricycle was damn exciting because 1) the driver could not understand the name of our little villa so we kept going round and round 2) because of the roads and as we would soon come to understand, tricycle rides are super jerky/ bumpy but that’s why it’s fun 3) the non-motorised tricycle is not equipped to go up the slope (more like a hill imo) that leads to our villa but our driver was probably pissed so he revved his engine and sent us the furthest up that any tricycle ever brought us and that in itself was damn exciting because it felt like the tricycle would just reverse all the way downhill any time.


We finally reached our Boracay House (this is what the villa is really called) – settled down, split who takes which room and which level, had wifi time, enjoyed the unobstructed view from the second level, had a lot of fun (+ near death experience) on the hammock and then finally decided to go for dinner.

This is such a nice photo of the boys :”)

I kept bugging them to take another silhouette photo the next day but I soon forgot about it. BUT WOW this is truly a v nice shot :> *cue Ben Howard song to play in the background*



Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

I was v thrilled to discover the hammock on both levels of the villa/apartment (i still don’t quite know what exactly to call the place we stayed in) and it was on the hammock (not the one seen in these two photos) that I felt the most contented.


This was taken shortly before Sim started swinging the hammock v hard and I was legit worried that I would fly off. 10406763_10152244547343178_7624077188559864119_n

First meal of the trip and since the flight that morning (aside from snacking on chips on the way) was at Bite Club Grilled Burgers at D’mall. The burgers do not look fancy but W O W – I ordered the Bacon and Mozarella Special which was basically a burger topped with smoked bacon bits and mozarella cheese and it was gr8. Post dinner Halo-halo for dessert as recommended by Gab our co-ordinator + tour guide for the trip 🙂 Followed by stocking up on water and breakfast at the Budget Mart.

(I am trying to remember what we did for each day but the days all seem to just overlap and fade into each other so imma do my best!)

Day 2 

The sunrise, kudos to Sim!


We went to Boracay without an itinerary so Day 2 was supposed to be going to the beach to suss out what to do for the next few days – to book our island hopping tour, our trip to Ariel’s Point and to figure out where to go to do water sports.

About halfway into our walk from the villa to the White Beach, the boys decided that they could not take the heat and so began the daily topless parade. Roby looking v please hahah


Somehow though, we ended up heading for the zipline and ATV even before we could catch lunch.  But no complaints! The view was absolutely amazing!


Paid 300 Pesos to rent a GoPro to video the journey down the zipline and it was so worth it 🙂 There was quite a scare because after reaching the end of the zipline, I thought that I didn’t video down the whole thing after all and freaked out for quite a bit. I had no way of checking until I went back to the other side, so I made it a point to take as many videos as possible on the way back but turns out the zipline journey was recorded YAY 🙂 the video will be up on instagram soon as soon as I figure how to transfer it from the cd to insta and also cut it to 15s

Zipline buddy and pretty much buddy for everything ❤ I AM SO GLAD WE HAD EACH OTHER ON THE TRIP :””) 10409694_10152243370723920_3487736733075623527_n

ATV biking reminded me a lot of riding the snow mobile up and down the mountain in Japan, which I loved so much. :”)


Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Post adrenaline-filled activities, we headed back to the White Beach area, tried the famous Jonahs Milkshake and then headed to the beach to chill. Although it was supposed to be dry day, some of the boys headed for the beach and it was too gorgeous to resist, even being self-conscious eventually failed to stop me from joining them in the water. NO REGRETS.

How do you resist this??


I remember that the second night was the night that I was struck with this sudden feeling of contentment at the simplicity and beauty of everything around me. Everyone else was playing citadels in one of the rooms while Sim, Josh and I were lying down on the chairs and hammock at the balcony just chilling with the XX and Sim’s playlist playing in the background. We talked a lot of nonsense + had quite a good and interesting convo with Josh, played Telepathy (LOL) and basically laughed a lot so it was a good night. It was also a v beautiful night because the stars were so bright and they were not measely and few like in Sinagpore but they were numerous. It might not have been as stunning as the sky in Christmas Island (still my favourite star gazing spot!) but still beautiful all the same. When Josh relinquished his spot on the hammock to me, I lay there for what felt like an hour and possibly more, and the whole time I was just struck by how good and amazing God is.

Then at around 1130, we headed down to the Fusion Bar at the Boracay Kite Resort where we caught the Germany v Portugal match (!!!) It was a super exciting match + the fusion wings and fusion eggs benny made for good soccer watching food 🙂 I was super pleased when Germany won the match because #teamGermany5eva but also because Teck Hong bet that Portugal would win but nope, Germany did not disappoint 🙂

Day 3 

Island hopping day! 🙂 We didn’t go to the much raved about Puka Beach but instead we went snorkelling around Crocodile Island (no crocodiles, thank God!) and headed to Crystal Cove where we had a sumptuous lunch! We were supposed to visit one more island but because the weather turned bad, we headed back to shore.

10464163_10152244554518178_4269555586528235705_n 10437463_10152244554373178_455714127678161420_n 10304335_10152243416658920_6022235123883967845_n 10463000_10153249224595021_2018591155853627936_nMight not look like much but this was S O G O O D 10486971_10153249225100021_3157280076546214071_n

The rest of the afternoon was own time own target activities until dinner for which we made reservations at I Love Backyard BBQ for 7pm. Gab, Theo, Rox and I went to order calamansi muffins, went to braid our hair and just explore the White Beach area. The staff at our dinner place had really adorable shirts – the front of the shirt says “I love girls” and the back says “but I love BBQ more” LOL.

Day 4

Initially the plan was to go to Ariel’s Point on the 4th day of the trip but the weather did not permit it and we heard that Ariel’s Point would be closed off for the month because it was the monsoon season. So we spent the 4th day looking for the official Ariel’s Point operator who was possibly still conducting trips to Ariel’s Point or so Gab heard. After that we headed down for Spanish food 🙂 We found this Spanish food place which had the most wallet-friendly happy hour where a Sangria costs 110 Pesos which is slightly more than 3 bucks?!

At the Spanish restaurant, the name of which I cannot remember. x useful selfie stick being useful


The owner of the Spanish restaurant (Don) was lovely and he set up beach chairs outside for us to continue drinking and chilling by the beach! We decided to go down to Bulabog beach for the day for water sports before the activity stops at around 5pm so banana boat and flying fish it was!



Did the banana boat in Bintan with my girls two years back so I knew what to expect and this ride was relatively mild compared to in Bintan where the driver really had no quealms about the turning the boat left and right and just leaving us in the water lol. I basically remained on the boat until Jai pushed me off :(((( I was about to fall and so I grabbed him because he was sitting in front of me and just when I thought “phew I am safe” the next thing I know, I was in the water 😥 But I guess what is a banana boat ride without falling off right!

Did the flying fish for the first time and it was so much fun!! 🙂 There’s Teck Hong and Larry at the start of the ride and if you notice, they are no longer in the next photo. In fact, they were barely on the boat at all… LOL


10491091_10152243465653920_6500682196871178082_n 10425084_10152243477398920_8179384406589084376_n

Day 5

Best and worst day indeed.

Ariel’s Point day – the weather was good and so we were off to Ariel’s Point (about a 30 m boat ride from Boracay) for cliff diving and free flow booze waddup~ The waves on the main Boaracay island was crazy – the sea was super choppy and we had to wade through the water for quite a distance before we could board the boat. I wish I had taken a vide of the process but basically we had to wade in till the water was chest-level high (for me at least lol) and it was craaaaaaaay.

Lol idk what they are doing but this is basically the process of getting onto the boat! 10483296_10153249227555021_293113382900098119_n

The waves were crazy big and a few times as I turned to Rox to laugh or make some comment, the waves will catch me unaware and almost throw me off balance. It was mad fun though. The boat ride itself was just a joke. By the time we girls got on the boat, the boys were nice and comfy at the front of the boat so we joined them at the front but little did we know that it was the wettest spot on board. The sea was choppy and it wasn’t those fancy Starcruise yachts or anything it was just a simple boat so the water kept coming in and we were so wet so cold that if I were on the boat alone, I’d be miserable but because I was with everyone it was just hilarious.

The 5m and 8m platform at Ariel’s Point (taken from the 15m platform)


I was honestly suuuuuper thrilled for Ariel’s Point even before we left for the trip. Reading up about it online etc. made me so psyched and I was all set on jumping off the 15m cliff even before I got there. BUTTTT my first jump off the 5m platform ended up quite badly with me landing on my ass and it was a bitch – I dont know if it was the pain of the impact or if it was the abrasion from the sand and shorts or probably a mixture of both but from then on, every time I stood at the platform, all I could think about was how painful the jump would be. So I only did a few jumps at the 5m platform and did not venture near the 8m or 15m one.

This is me, seconds away form landing on my ass 😦 10483737_10153249227825021_2561667710892784528_n

Okay, I did venture near the 15m one where the boys tried to make me jump and I was feeling brave so I borrowed Larry’s shorts thinking more material would help but when I got up, I ran away hahaha because I looked down and thought I might possibly break my ass instead of just brusing it lol. And it happened one more time. I dont know if I would have actually jumped but Jai went up with me this time and we were standing there but they had closed off the platform already but NO REGRETS! I value my body more than the thrill of the jump. I was telling Gab that its not the height I was afraid of (I am still dying to skydive some day) but more so the pain of the landing that scared me. Oh wells. All the boys jumped off from the 15m one though 🙂 And some cray ones even did flips from the 5m platform – some beautifully and some… well not so beautifully.

June-July is the monsoon season in Boracay but thank God for a rather wonderful weather when we were there – it rained enough so that it would be cool but it was sunny enough so that we could do all the activities that needed to be done to complete the trip!

Ariel’s Point was such a beautiful place tho (sans the memory of the pain). During lunch, I just took my lunch to the deck chairs and sat overlooking the sea below and it was stunning and made me a little pensive and contemplative.

Until Kevin Tan came and crashed my deck chair that is… lol



The ride back to Boracay was… W O W. It was basically like party boat, i think they have too much cheap alcohol. So he opened like 3 bottles of rum (and it was only for our side of the boat!) and he made us spin the bottle and drink it/ he just poured it down people’s mouths. LOL. It was CRAYCRAY indeed and I remember being quite high for quite awhile. Josh too! We were looking at Havaianas and I was telling him to come look at this design and he was looking all over the shop and he said “No, no. I must focus! I must be Focahontas!” and we died laughing.

Went for a massage by the beach with Theo, Sim and Junyi and I WISH WE HAD DONE THE MASSAGE EARLIER BECAUSE IT WAS HEAVENLY!!!! I’ve been for quite a few massages, in Singapore and overseas, but wow this was SO GOOOOOD. Then we went back to the Spanish restaurant to join the rest who were enjoying Happy Hour drinks by the beach :-)))) Initially we wanted to go to D’Talipapa after the owner of the bar at the Kite Resort recommended it as a must-try place in Boracay but we were all running low on the kachingz and also some people didn’t feel like having seafood so we decided to have burgers at a new burger place. A few of us needed to run some errands (change money/ buy Havaianas) so we arranged to meet straight at the burger place but in the end… we were caught in the torrential rain that refused to stop so we had dinner at Bite Club again (the same place we had dinner on our first night). It’s quite poetic in some way – first and last night in Boracay at the same place. The rain still did not stop even after we were done with dinner, so we headed to Lemoni Cafe which is much raved about online and it definitely lived up to all the reviews. The cafe also has wifi which is magical! Considering that the wifi at our apartment is super unreliable and it is basically as good as not having wifi. Finally when the rain became less heavy, we decided that it was as good as it was gonna get and so we ran out to flag a tricycle and headed back. No one really thought about how we were going to make the hike up the hill back to the villa until we got there. Which is why it was the best and worst day. The hike, on its own without the rain, is quite a killer. But with the rain that night – OHMYGOODNESS. It must have made for a comical sight – 4 people walking/ running up the hill shouting KNNCCB because it was really the most apt. And Roby said it was the most miserable she felt the whole trip and I could only laugh at the truth of the statement. Also, Josh’s slippers broke just as he got to our gate and the irony of it was that he bought a few pairs of Havaianas during the trip – but none for himself.

A few of us wanted to head out to club and go to CocoManga for their 15 shots challenge but the weather was not co-operating and so we had a rather uneventful and quiet last night at Boracay, sleeping in while it rained.

Day 6 

Although our flight was in the afternoon, we spent the whole morning traveling + waiting for the plane and having our last taste of Filipino cuisine at a stall outside the airport 🙂 And then finally,


I haven’t even been back in SG for a week but I miss the place, food and lovely people already :”)

Thank for a good trip y’all, much love ❤



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