i just submitted my registration for modules a few seconds ago and it feels like a huuuuuge load has been lifted off my shoulders. seriously, choosing modules feels much tougher than choosing a boyfriend >: there are SO many considerations – do i like it? can i score well in the module? employability? etc. and unlike choosing a boyfriend where if you dont like him you can break up, you are pretty much stuck with the module (assuming that the others you are interested in are all taken so you can’t add/drop WOW the relationship analogy works so well) so you are left with that module for 6 months, which is considerably shorter than most relationships so that is where my analogy fails but still…

OK I M V HAPPY THAT I HAVE MADE MY CHOICE AND I WILL STICK WITH IT. Also! I have been v happy since friday night i.e. WHEN GERMANY BEAT FRANCE AND IS NOW IN THE SEMI-FINALS~ This feels a bit like World Cup 2010 but I hope that the results will be different and that Germany blitzkreigs her way through the semis and to the finals. On Friday night, post-victory, I was talking to Peks:

(before this we were talking about Griezmann crying post match which was a v sad moment! and he is also v cute haha)
Peks: “HAHAH they’ll (Ger) be playing Brazil/ Colombia next round hor that’s super excitingggg”
Me: Hahaha ya man I hope Brazil and Colombia both suck HAHAHAHA
Peks: Hahahah what. What a fierce fan?! Even with my intense support for Chelsea I never say anything like that.


first day of my second internship tomorrow and i’ll be at the same firm with a few of my fav people from law school so i am real psyched about it. i indicated my interest for family and crim but i wont know which department i get attached to until tomorrow so we’ll see!

aunty suan told me that to practice family law, she would recommend being in a stable and committed marriage/ relationship first if not it is very easy to be jaded but as of now i am already halfway to getting there so… we’ll see lol. 

i was talking to rox over dinner awhile back and we were just contemplating love and life and i can’t remember what exactly we were talking about but I told her “i still believe in the idea of love. but i dont believe in people anymore.” all she said was “how sad” before she went back to her briyani lol. i repeated this to bc and gid over the most amazing burger a few nights back and i got a similar response. also, i felt like the grinch that stole christmas when i told them that. SUCH IS LIFE. 


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