(To all wordpress users, I am v amused by how there will be a “beep beep boop” that will pop up while the page is loading LOLOL. But I digress. WORLD CUP 2014~~~~)

As if the title is not clear enough, I am #TEAMGERMANY. So obviously I was ecstatic when Goetze scored the goal that won Germany the World Cup. The title has truly been a long time coming. FINALLY :””) I still remember being extremely upset when Germany didn’t make it to the finals and ended up 3rd during the 2010 World Cup (as they did in 2006 too if my memory serves me well) BUT NOW, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS :”)

The 2014 team had a really good start to the World Cup, IMO. I remember watching the Germany v Portugal match in Boracay and winning 50 pesos from TH at the end of the night (lol that’s like 1.50 SGD). Despite not having MioTV, I managed to catch all but one of Germany’s matches (Thank you Okto, thank you CCs, thank you Pek Residences and for friends who made soccer-watching plans with MioTV-less me) The only match I missed was the Germany v Ghana one because I thought it was on a Sunday night/ Monday morning but it turned out to be on a Saturday night/ Sunday morning. And the worst part of it all is that I was at Zouk that night and I actually saw  the match being screened at the Wine Bar BUT somehow it just did not register that it was the Ghana match.

Caught the Germany v USA match at one of the CCs near home with my daddy and sister. Truly v thankful that my daddy would stay up with us just to send us there even though he never really followed soccer/ the World Cup. But having said that, I would like to think that he is now a convert because during the finals, he showed his true colours/ real allegiance when he suddenly started to root for Argentina?!? And there I was thinking that he always supported Germany with me, PFFFT.

Germany v Algeria was at Peks’ with YQ and Choyboy. I think I was the only Germany supporter there but I was the only one who fell asleep throughout most of the second half, shame shame. Although I woke up just in time to catch the highlights and goal recaps. In my defence, we stayed up for the France v Nigeria match too, played saboteur during the night and at that time, my usual bed time was 5 am so I was knackered by the time it was the second half.

During the day when we were making plans for the match, Choyboy told me “I heard if you wear a unicorn onesie, Germany will stand a better chance in winning”. I was already out of the house and had packed my stuff to stayover at Peks’, obviously without the onesie. But when he said that… I JUST HAD TO. Not because I believed him but because it was the first time I could wear my onesie out of the house hahaha. Thankfully, it all worked out because Peks told me to meet at 11 but I was done with dinner at 9 so I had more than enough time to get home and drop some stuff off + pick up the onesie :-))))

One of the highlights was being able to take a selfie with Philipp Lahm – loved him even when Ballack was the one everyone thought/ talked about re the DFB.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

ALSO! It was the first and only time I tried the Maccas Samba drumlets and W O W they are amazeballs! I was so full because I had a sashimi buffet at Koishin Bo earlier that evening and was basically stuffed with sashimi. But I really enjoyed the drumlets, I had two of it 🙂 LUVVVVV it so much and after that night, every time I watched a match, I always tried to get the samba drumlets (I even went out of my way to stop by Tiong Bahru pre-semis!!!) but alas, they are sold out island wide  😦

Germany v France match + the #saynotoracism night – I remember during the France v Nigeria match, after the match ended, Sim asked “Griezmann cute right” and I was like “I was just going to tell you that” HAHAHAH. Since I was neutral about the France v Nigeria match, I picked out the best looking players and supported that team HAHAHAH. Debuchy and Griezmann 😍 Also, some secret joke with Peks and the boys re #saynotoracism because France v Nigeria match was all but a foreshadowing of hashtag say no to racism hahah. As good looking as the French team is (SUUUUUPER) when it came to the Germany v France match… As pleasing as they are to the eyes, my allegiance to Germany did not waver. Griezmann crying tho :”(

Germany v Brazil (WOWOWOW What happened)
I was food coma-ing and basically having a rather dreary afternoon when I received a message from my sister telling me that our jerseys had arrived and she even sent me a photo of it and W O W my mood became infinitely better! I was so pleased that it came just in time for the match that evening. It was definitely the best thing to happen to me that day. Second best to when we won the match, of course.

Best photo I’ve ever received on whatsapp



Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 1.42.39 AMAlso, can I say that I called the blitzkreig first?! I was was not expecting the free kick to turn into a goal but obviously it was a pleasant surprise. And then when the next 4 goals happened almost successively, as pleased as I was, I was also super shocked.  But of course, I still cheered with each goal until my mum came to scold me for waking her up.

Later that morning, I was asking Pek about whether it was mean of me to not want to have conceded the goal to Brazil (in much harsher terms) and I came to a self-realisation of what an agro fan I am.

Watching the finals w the fam was v interesting because my sister supports Argentina and I support Germany so there was definitely some sibling rivalry going on.

My sister ordered our jerseys for us and my dad was v amused and pleased that his daughters supported the right teams :”) we decided to wear our jerseys to church on match day and quite a few people were rather tickled. Especially when we bought sushi, the man at the stall just kept laughing at us?!

(My sister wanted to be catified for privacy sake)
photo 1-7

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

I’ve decided that wings are the B E S T match food. But since I only had it twice (1x in Boracay – that was goooood and 1x Maccas Samba wings), my second best match food is this:

photo 4-5

photo 3-5

All the snacking during the match is so unhealthy but without it, the world cup experience is not complete! I’m already having my withdrawal symptoms now that the world cup is over :”(
Fav photos of the BEST TEAM ❤


Taken from Podolski’s twitter


Schweinsteiger is truly a warrior :> he showed so much tenacity, especially when he still continued playing despite bleeding from his face?! ❤️

Their bromance is too cute :”) at this juncture, it would be apt to say W O W the German players are really winning in life – they just won the World Cup and they have hot WAGs?!

Champions ❤️



p.s. sorry for the v poorly put together post – i was writing it (i.e. putting the pictures + some words together to form this semblence of a post) on the cab home from work and all i could think about was the nasi briyani x 2 (had briyani for lunch and dinner but not complaining cos it was NOMZ) that’s in my stomach.


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