happy pills

last week was the best week ive had in a long time – partly because during the past month long internship, work was truly almost all i did for the whole month (apart from sleep when i had the chance). last week was semi degen which reminded me a lot of 2012. maybe because i did my extended essay for ib on the cyclical nature of life (inspired by Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises), i seem to find cycles in everything. and this season semi reminds me of pre uni 2012 season which still holds my best and worst, but i digress.

things that made me v happy:

1. lunch with the drew fam team at straits kitchen at the hyatt + also ran into all sc teachers because they were having teachers day lunch there and it was the best. 10 years worth of pri and secondary school teachers all there and i was so happy and my heart was so full. mr jo was the first teacher i saw (and spoke to) and that was great because he was one of my favourite teachers in sc :”)

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

p.s. never go to Hyatt in court attire. I was mistaken for a waitress at the restaurant because they wear the same thing!

2. when internship ended last friday, i had the loveliest talk with my trial advo tutors before leaving drew :”( initially, i was making my round around level 12 so i wanted to visit people along the way to say goodbye but as i was in one of my tutor’s office, suddenly another one popped by the room and then another and we had a semi trial advo reunion which was great :”) there are just some people that make me feel very happy and at home and they are such people :> it was always a joy to see them around the office! (leaving out the internship proper because i shall leave it for another post!)

3. then rushed off to head to catch my ferry to Batam – had a great chat with Meizhen on the ferry, and thus began my journey of good food + soul food. 2 days of eating, almost non-stop – because we would wake up for breakfast (then talks) then break for lunch (talks again) then dinner. LOL. i was super tired on my first night so we were supposed to have a nice htht session in liting’s room but i ended up falling asleep. but xyz and i had a lovely talk in our room on the last night because we were too

4. films at the fort (the last train home) and it was super poignant but it was good and thank god that it did not rain! exactly halfway through, during the intermission, it started to drizzle and i was like oh crap and so i sat with my shawl around my head for the rest of the movie until jai told me that the drizzling had stop. also, we had tostitoes with salsa dip and it is possibly the best thing ever!!!

Processed with VSCOcam with lv03 preset

5. zouk for baller sim’s birthday (even though he claims it isn’t). saw jon tang standing next to a balloon and i thought it was for sim so i just kept fondling (LOL for lack of better word) the balloon and turns out it wasnt jontangs/ it was not for sim. OOPS. highlight of the night was when we finally made it down to the dancefloor, ben soh took of his shirt/ was stripped of his shirt LOLOL and the bouncers came to tell him to put it on/ almost bounced him

annual mini .17 gathering at zouk ❤


LOL for the life of me, i cannot remember taking this photo. (or the above one for that matter) but i kept trying to guess where this is taken because i only remember being at members, wine bar and the main zouk but this does not look like any of the above???


6. sim’s birthday part 2 at sim’s. sim’s mom made the best i-dont-even-know-what-it-is-called but it was amazeballs + saw joni, finally + played fifa (horribly) and had an intense conversation about law sch and listened to ben soh opine about pageants and orientation and why he doesnt like these things. doesnt sound like much but it was truly v funny, i was v amused to sit there and just listen because ben soh is super funny, he is rlly one of a kind lol

7. theo’s farewell :”( saw anna and robo yay ❤ + had our caricatures done! theo’s mom is the cutest, she engaged a caricature artist and even hired a band and it was a good night :>

v amused by how robo and i have the same expression and btw this was us owning the boys at foosball WADDUP

156005_10152354236468920_6248064296109735587_n 10384014_10152354239653920_2476231249346699727_n1959265_10152354239563920_2786086095737681143_n

❤ much love for the .17 folks. I can’t remember where but someone remarked that our class is the most bonded class because of our successful boracay trip and i am so happy at how far we have come from our IB days because back then i would never have imagined hanging out the way we do now. but this is also bittersweet because quite a lot of them are leaving soon (theo is the first to leave tomorrow) so i am super duper sad and i will def miss alcohorror movie nights at jai’s or meet ups with theo discussing topics that make me squirm but i am glad our friendship leveled up and seeing the same bunch of fellas at zouk etc etc

+ a lot of people have left/ are leaving for exchange so it’s been a bit :”(

 8. chris’ birthday celebration @ the turf club

we haven’t met in too long and from seeing each other at least once every week in the past, seeing these girls have become v rare and precious :’)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

and now it’s 3 days into year 3 sem 1 of law school and we are so blessed and spoilt for choice with modules so i’ve been a little stressed about what to take/ whether to add drop modules but it has been good thus far  (but i still kind of miss summer)


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