august evenings

insignificantly enough we both have significant others” is probably one of the saddest lines in song history :”( also i really want to go to anberlin’s LAST tour :”( throwback to baybeats 2010 (?) when i first heard them at baybeats and was screaming next to fellow sweaty baybeats folks and fell in love w the band and their music, etc. at that time (year 5/6) catching the last bus home and reaching home past 12 was badass but that was one of the best nights ever and it left such a good impression of baybeats, i kept wanting to go back every year. so i can’t believe that they are no longer going to play as a band anymore :””””( also I think it would be apt to mention that my tumblr URL was inspired by an Anberlin song :”) tyvm for relatable music and beautiful lyrics

i thought you said forever/ over and over 


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