the worst day ever

i have to blog about what was probably the worst day of my life even though this comes a few days late, but it needs to be written about because it was truly the most terrible day

it was a thursday and the last thursday that i would not have class :”( but since we had planned to do land training for the girls at 430 on thursday before our canoe polo match on sunday (today! which i shall blog about another time), i decided to go back to school. there was prayer meeting at 230 where XYZ was leading worship so i wanted to go down for moral support and to just be there but it started pouring just as i was about to leave the house and rain has this tendency to make me not want to do anything so i decided to stay home and continue to prep for PIL tutorial the next day. also at that point, i started getting quite a lot of texts from the girls to say that they could not come for training in the afternoon and i was feeling a bit MEH because that would mean traveling to school for half an hour of training with less than full strength. but i also didnt want to be irresponsible and since there were a few people who were willing to stay back in school, so at 3pm when the rain seemed like it had stopped, i left home for school. and all was well at that time (but it was the calm before the storm). 

it started drizzling when i got off the LRT and was walking to the bus stop to take a bus to school and that was still fine. but the worst day started when i realised that my phone was not really working – my iphone screen wasn’t sensitive to my touch so no matter how many times i swiped the screen, i couldn’t unlock the screen. the only thing that worked was my touch screen home button. and the lock button of my iphone was spoilt so i couldn’t restart my phone to see if it would work then. this happened before but it would work again shortly so i decided to get on the bus and wait it out for awhile – all these time i was still receiving notifications from whatsapp and instagram but my phone just wasn’t working :”( 

at 330, i was approaching the bus stop opposite coro and since i had an hour to kill before training, i decided to drop off at coro to see if I could fix my phone there. by then the rain was getting heavier but the overhead bridge was sheltered so that was fine. at the coro side, i realised that there was no shelter from the bus stop outside of coro to coro and so i would have to make a run for it in the rain. i was standing there contemplating what to do because they actually blocked off traffic at coro so there was only one narrow pathway that we could walk by and that was muddy and disgusting and i had no umbrella. just then, this lady holding an umbrella came up next to me and she looked at me and asked, “is this the only way to walk to coro? aiyo” then she looked at the dirty puddle of muddy water and the slope of mud and gave a look of disdain. i told her yes and i thought since she had an umbrella we could share (and she obviously saw me umbrella-less) but guess what, after i answered her she just walked off with her umbrella and left me there?!? okay fine, i guess you are not obliged to share your umbrella with me thats fine so after she left i decided not to count on kindred spirits and just make a run for it so i did but guess what she was stuck on the slope and since it could only fit one person at a time, i was stuck behind her, in the rain ogod. 

made it to coro anyway and went to the computer repair shop to ask if he could fix my phone and he said that i would need to replace my whole screen for 100 bux and i would also need to fix my lock button but he didnt have the parts :””( not v related but decided to collect the 2x evidence textbooks that i ordered from the printing shop first. and then… it was still raining and i had no umbrella and i could not call the team or anyone to tell them i was stranded at coro. i decided to ask the security guard/ information counter at coro if i could borrow a phone (and they had a phone!!) but he told me that “there is a payphone upstairs” and i didnt know whether to laugh or to cry who still uses payphones these days???? spent my 1st 20cents on payphone calling my mum with an SOS call but she said that she was busy and couldn’t pick me up and that she would not be able to pick me from sch after training as well because she has dinner plans so i was super bummed that i had to lug my 2x evidence textbooks home via public transport (hahaha ok i just realised how spoilt this sounds but yes my mum usually picks me up from sch when she can so that i dont have to lug heavy textbooks and my bigass macbook pro home and i am v thankful for that hehehe) 

so it was almost 4pm and i had to get to school by 430 and i still couldnt call anyone to tell that i was held up and might be late so i freaked out a bit. decided to call a cab using the payphone but 1) the cab service did not recognise the payphone number and i was like ogad are you forreals b) when i keyed in my handphone number and avoided that, i got through all the press 1 for this and press 2 for that nonsense, i had to wait to speak to the operator but the line was engaged and eventually my credit ran out and the line got cut off. so i tried again and decided to call another taxi operator. btw, i obviously do not remember the dial a cab numbers by heart and i couldnt use any app to call/ book a cab so guess what, i actually had to flip through the yellow pages for it, it was damn rabak. but i think the yellow pages was outdated so when i called the other number provided it said that the number was out of service!!! then i decided to call smrt/ comfort again (i forgot which) and i used 50cents this time so i would have longer credit time… BUT I STILL DIDNT GET A CAB. i was super frustrated and i wanted to cry at that point in time because wow i rlly didnt know what to do and i didnt want to be late because the polo ball was w me and without the ball, the girls couldnt start first/ do passes 

finally decided to buy an umbrella from the ntuc and cross the road to flag a cab. while i was crossing the bridge, i saw quite a few cabs coming by so i thought it shoudn’t take too long but when i got to the side of the road, somehow there were zero available cabs??? and i really thought at that point “wow the universe hates me”. finally managed to get a cab at 420pm and i was super duper thankful. when i got off the cab i told the uncle “thank you so much uncle, i was having a v shitty day and i couldnt even get a cab but then you picked me up thank you” and he was v please and wished me a good day ahead hahahaha 

the day got a lot better in school because of the v helpful and v lovely people in school. FY and nic tried to help me fix my phone in the study room, but to no avail. and then i went up to visit the prayer group folks and they spent a super long time trying to help me fix my phone. shoutout to adwyn who refused to give up and who tried super a lot of things + who sympathised with me because he said a few times “wow this is really the worst day of your life” also shoutout to victor leong who was trying to study with all our/ my noise in the background whining bout my phone and day + everyone else suggesting how to fix it and then he contributed his voice to talk to Siri. shoutout to danny too for lending me his bluetooth keypad and who was holding my phone when IT STARTED WORKING because kudos to peks so said aiya let me call you and see if it works and it did, brilliant girl + big thanks to all the other vcf folks who were in the room/ trying to study but who put up with all the noise and who tried to help ❤ really appreciate it v much and even though it was a damn shitty day i kept laughing a lot because it was just v funny to see everyone trying to talk to siri and to get her to unlock the phone and yet to have it fail so many times before it finally worked thank you thank you thank you all ❤ 

training was ok + managed to leave the evidence textbooks in peks locker so i didnt have to lug it home 

on the way home, i was a bit nostalgic and decided to drop off at the bus stop at my old house and walk the rest of the way home. but lo and behold, as i walked past the construction site, a rat ran out and ran after me oh my goodness, it truly sealed the deal that yes it was the worst day of my life hahahahahaha ok if you made it this far thank you for reading my rant about my horrible day 

+ shoutout to my homegirl jienbenz who also had a bad day that fri/ thurs (in the us) – losing her keys after movingm getting locked out from her apartment with all her belongings, having to crash at a friend’s and still having to go to work after all that. but at least we realised we were having telepathic bad days and that we were not alone :> 

the weekend became progressively better tho – zouk with my chicas, awesome lunch spread with the M leaders, chris’ birthday party and canoe polo today which was so good and so much fun 🙂 will blog about all these next time! the weekend rlly made up for the worst day, my heart is v happy and full :”) 


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