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I am super behind in posting but the best things bout last weekend (and here’s to an equally wonderful weekend ahead):

(1) Zouk with my chicas

I got to meet Jess and Val individually prior to Friday night but it was the first time that the 3 of us were reunited this summer so it was a v precious night.

It was a classy night that started with Jess picking me up in a London Cab to head to her house while we waited for Val’s movie to end. It was my first time in a London Cab but w o w it was fancy and the driver was so polite and he said that he had to ask us for permission before he could take any route or do anything but yeah it was great – super a lot of leg space (not that I need much but it is good to have anyways).

At Jess’ we found the pick up line book that the three of us bought in 2009. It was supposed to be like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, only that it is the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pickup Line Book (LOL) and it made its way round all 3 of use since 2009 and it has permanently been with Jess since. We decided to pack it along to Zouk and the dare was the each one of us was supposed to use a line on someone that night (but that never materialised hahah)

It is always a good time with these girls :>


When we decided to leave zouk at 4+, we decided to go for curry rice (the summer before, we went for curry rice with Sim and Jon Tang as well) so yay we are slowly developing a tradition: zouk + bangers & mash + curry rice after.

It is really terrible but the whole time at zouk, I kept thinking about eating bangers & mash and after finishing that, I kept thinking of having curry rice for supper #thoughtsatzouk

As we were walking, I realised that while I knew the general direction, there was always people to lead the way/ someone was driving so I didn’t actually know how exactly to walk. So I decided to call sim. At 4+/5 am. HAHAH

And in my defence, I just opened a snapchat from him so I thought he was still up L But anyway he answered the phone and when I asked how to get to curry rice and then proceeded to giggle and laugh for a v long time hahahah. I think he was stunned because he said “are you fucking kidding me” but then proceeded to direct us to curry rice anyway (U DA BEST)

Yknow how there are certain food that are best eaten when inebriated? For robs, it is doritos but curry rice is truly one of my fav drunk food :>

(2) Awesome spread at Uncle KC and Aunty Jas’ for M leaders lunch

No photos because my iphone camera has been spoilt and it is seriously crampin’ my style :(( but curry was gr8 – I love all things curry m8

(3) Chris’ flippin awesome 21st birthday (Gelato stall !!!)


This photo says it all – gelato stall + satay man. Sent the photo to wk and his response  was apt “whateven” – who has a gelato stall and a satay man??? but i am not complaining, i was super pleased ^^ the gelato was basically free flow WADDDUP and the satay too + it helped that we were basically seated right in front of both stalls ^^

The CG kept laughing at my plan to try every single flavour (there was 6) and after 3 cups (pistachio, hazelnut and green tea) I couldn’t take it anymore but even if it was just one mouth from other people’s cups, I still managed to try all 6 flavours hahaha I was damn pleased with myself, with my waistline after, not so much.

997037_10152642258268493_1049972078621265188_n 13611_10152642258493493_7182470857698722152_n 10600546_10152642258703493_2117318755321486762_n

(4) Canoe polo IFG

I really really love the sport because it is damn fun! It is my third time playing IFG again this year (for last year’s IFG post click here) and I am still not sick of it. I don’t think I will ever be? And wow, I cant believe that I only have one more year of IFG left???? But I digress.

I honestly think that this year was a better year – 1) personally, I think I have learnt from last year on how to be a better captain i.e. not to just care about winning but also about the people and not to just be uber competitve (and I am v thankful for the opportunity again to learn and grow) 2) as a team I think we played a lot better than we did last year!!



The girls team :>



Team Law, 2014! ft. our honourary member and coach from Biz who has been such a gem and has coached us two years in a row!


We might not have won IFG but I really had a v fun time with the folks from the weeks leading up to IFG day and the actual day :”)

also in the past week there has been much brouhaha over AC’s chartering of the MRT to take the students to the finals (which we won, yay us!). I am not going to jump on the bandwagon to comment about it except to say that it made me miss AC days. Although I was stuck in a seminar in school, I was there in spirit – I kept checking the fakeACSindep twitter for updates and JLim was on board the ACSpress train and he was at the match so he sent live updates until his phone died LOL.

Photo credits to JLim:

Truly, the best is yet to be :”)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

+ had a good conversation with Sim a few nights back and i am always v glad and thankful for friends who trust me enough to open up to me :”) this part of the conversation made me laugh a lot so I had to screenshot it hahah

Started with Sim asking me “Y u depressed” “Wanna call me at 5am to talk about it?” I actually had a screen shot of it but i realised that there was some incriminating statements made within the screenshot so I had to delete it.

Back story = 1) I tweeted about how 2 people came up to me that day to ask if i was depressed (which I wasnt and 2) the fact that I called him at 5am last weekend to ask for directions to curry rice LOL

And then this part of the conversation happens

photo 2 photo 3

and i am also doubly thankful for friends who offer to pao boys who break my heart  :””””) hahahah

+ got to talk to theo and rob this week, both of whom are in USC now and it is nice, that despite the 15 hours time difference, we are still keeping in touch :>

these ac friends are so precious :”) and when the UK folks leave for UK (in about 3 weeks time), I think I will be super duper sad. but thksfrthmmrs ❤ #hubbahubbAC


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