yesterday was another one of those bad days (been having a lot of those lately). but as i was leaving school, i remembered how when i was walking through botanics in the rain earlier on in the afternoon, as everyone was running to find shelter, drawing out their umbrellas, this group of girls run out from the pavillion and start dancing in the rain. that was a rather beautiful sight :”) so i am trying to remind myself: find the silver lining in all these/ “it is all not for nothing” as someone i really respect and look up to once told me. Also, *cue the Bob Marley quote*


On an irrelevant note, I was reading through a buzzfeed article in class two days ago and i had to exercise so much self-control not to laugh out loud in class but it was so funny. This really did it for me though and I was convulsing (maybe too strong a word but for lack of a better word) in laughter, while trying to suppress it (which is really difficult considering that I don’t know how to do those coy girly laughters/ my friends say i cackle when i laugh which i so do not)  enhanced-23982-1408653089-1



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