mexican mafia

Woke up yesterday morning and I was aching 😦 not sure if it’s cos I worked out the morning before or cos I rode pillion on David’s bike the day before (!!!) Riding pillion was truly super exciting.

David made sure he set some ground rules first tho:

  1. No screaming (hahah my friends know me so well)
  2. No turning his shoulder
  3. I asked if I could make sound effects like “wheee” and he said NO.

I thought I’d just have to sit there but before we left school, I even had a briefing on how to ride pillion. Basically I’d just have to sit there haha but he taught me how to wear the helmet properly (need skillz k) and how to get on the bike. I remember trying to ride a bike in Pekanbaru while on a mission trip but I don’t remember it being so complicated a process.

The whole ride, I was trying my best not to let my heels touch the exhaust pipe. And also to make sure that I don’t slide down my seat and to respect both our personal space. Plus he briefed me beforehand not to lean on his basket cos it was attached rather flimsily. So I found that the ride was a v good workout for the legs cos I had to work v hard to make sure I stay in place and not slide down. Would have taken photos but I didn’t want to lose my phone so I have no photos to show of my first proper motorbike experience 😦 it was def a lot less stable than the ATV or the snow mobile and I realised how easy it is to fall off, I asked him “no seatbelts ah” hahaha but it was a v good experience :-)Also, when I related the whole bike ride to Blau + how I was aching – she said “it is like a horse ride” HAHA, indeed.

My bike ride was extended because we couldn’t find a parking lot for a v long time so David just went round and round the parking area at Dempsey before finally just parking the bike at somewhere that “will not block anyone” lol. Then we met everyone else at Margaritas who left school in Choy’s car. Dinner at Margaritas :> yay I love Mexican food! Ordered enchiladas which is the yummy thing that Sim’s mum made the last time we were at his place. And after trying it at an authentic restaurant, I dare say that hers is comparable to restaurant standards.

1410528135.755793.IMG_8370It does not look v aesthetically pleasing here but I promise you, your tummy will be uber happy! Sorry the photos from Margaritas are not great because the lighting is really dim 😦 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

XYZ who lent me her phone (and is shy) ft. Blau Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThen we headed to Ben & Jerry’s for dessert and it was so good to be back even though I didn’t recognize any of the scoopers. But it still felt like home :”) one of my seniors @ b&j recently asked me if I wanted to go back and scoop and I really really really want to (I actually might just do that) because it really was such a wonderful time there :”)

Happy birthday Judsy Poopsy ❤ ❤ ❤

487d4fbae7319f0a38a69e292a43fe05Loh sent me a text aft saying I seemed v tired and told me to rest well. She is a sweetheart :”) earlier this week when I was out w Kris and Chris, I didn’t have much to say either because I was just super drained from a day at school 😭 This is the second week of intensive i.e. 3 x 3 hour classes (6.30-9.30PM) a week which leaves little time and strength for anything else. But having said that, it doesn’t mean that I’m not engaged when I’m out w friends. Most of the time I just reply people in my head HAHAHA. Also, I should’t complain because I have friends who work AND study at the same time and I really respect these people! Work itself is just super draining and I can’t imagine having to study (do readings, do assignments, do homework etc) on top of work. WOWOW what amazing people, really. Good midweek night with the law school friends but TGIF!!! Really really really looking forward to being able to sleep in, watch some Grey’s and catch up on readings!

p.s. Mexican in the title, because food and mafia, because i think biking is rather badass and I wanted alliteration (LOL) otherwise, in its entirety, the title has nothing to do with the above post


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