what happened?

these are the most mundane of things that happened recently that I’d wanted to tell you but just didn’t:

canoe polo was v fun / so sun burnt from canoe polo, it is not even funny/ i had a bad day (worse than the ‘worst day’, a different kind of bad)/ i broke my beats headphones?! i dont even/ wow this lecture is so boring/ my tokoyo banana expired 😦 / tonight, dinner was black pepper beef with coagulated sauce, ew/ i fell sick today, i blame it on the s____/ i had to miss soccer ifg because i was sick/ i thought you’d be proud to know that my nose didn’t bleed during soccer training because there were no failed header attempts/ having class till 930pm is no joke, HALP/ april 2015/ how was your day/ pride is a funny thing/ sunday folks is v good, i think you would like it/ i’m sooooooooooo tired/ did you know that the llao llao queue is v short on monday nights/ i got to pillion on a motorbike, i imagined myself falling off but i didn’t/ also, kept thinking that your car might drive by beside the bike and wow that would have been interesting/ the sushi bar has the best chirashi/ i wish you were here

but mainly,

you are a piece of shit. (and i mean this in the most annoyed but most loving way, since people who know me know that pangsai is used as a swear word and a term of endearment hahaha #toughlove)

p.s. initially this started out as a post for a single person, but as i wrote, i just started writing to and about a few of the people (not that there are a lot or anything) with whom “life happened” so the “you” is really to no one in particular, i guess.


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