I am still alive and well! Blau tells me that whenever she comes to my wordpress, she seems the same youtube post so finally, after putting this off for a long time, I am back! I’ve been meaning to write a post but there just seems to be so much to do – recess week was filled with just an assignment waiting to be done, but that was more than enough. Then there were readings to catch up on and I went back to work and Ben&Jerry’s which has been wonderful :”)

The back camera of my phone has been spoilt for months now and I’m just holding out till I can change my phone plan and get a new phone, rather than repairing the camera, but it is truly cramping my style. I frequently borrow people’s phones to take photos and then trouble them to send it to me when I want to instagram or just have a copy of something. But here are the photos that I managed to take on people’s phone/ make people take for me and then send it to me.

The highlight of my highlights since the last post will definitely be the Sensorium exhibition at Singapore Art Museum. To be very honest, the only reason why I’ve been wanting to go to SAM is the slew of photos taken at the boob exhibit, for the lack of better word, that have been appearing on my instagram feed.

SAM’s last entrance is at 6.15pm and I thought I’d not be able to make it because I was still on the bus at 5.45 and my friend called to say that he would be late so I panicked. But thankfully, we made it in time for the last entry into SAM. Although to be honest, 45 minutes is not enough to view and enjoy all the exhibits properly. We wanted to save the boob exhibit for the last so we walked through the Sensorium exhibition and half of the Medium at Large exhibit and then ran down to the boob exhibit for like 5 minutes before getting rushed out of the library 😦

These are the photos that I was quite pleased with from Saturday. (They are so grainy because they were taken on a non-iphone 😦 boo but yay, I finally managed to see this “hello stranger” thing too)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


On Sunday, I was studying at SMU with Poh but after a few hours of studying, I couldn’t concentrate so I asked her to take a ten minute break from her assignment and to come and jump on boobs with me. Also, we were just a bit bummed because we were spending Sunday studying and so I thought jumping on the beanbags would be a good pick me up (it is true!! i was super happy on Saturday!) So we ran across to SAM and we took the photos below 🙂 I never fully realised this but SMU is super convenient – we walked over to Cathay and Dhoby to grab food in between studying and it is just opposite SAM (can jump on boobs all day erryday).

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset



Another highlight of last week was the mid week chill out session with my fav @applesnappy. We caught Take Two’s gig at Artistry cafe and I got to meet the rest of the band that I did not know before + we had supper. David brought us to eat Maggi Goreng and W O W it was amazing. I didn’t know what to order and John knew what he wanted (mee siam + maggi goreng) so John and I shared a double portion of maggi goreng beef. WOWOWOW. It was v shiok, I was v pleased. Also, over supper, I found out that ice teh tarik = teh ping???? I initially ordered a teh ping but I wanted an ice teh tarik so I asked John “teh ping and ice teh tarik” are different right? And he told me YES but when I told the uncle I wanted to change my order, he looked quite befuddled and told me that it was the same thing. And I realised that John was lying to me 😦 Again (there were other incidents throughout the night that I cannot remember now). Actually that is not true though because theu are supposed to still do all the fancy schmnantsy gimmick with your teh tarick before they  add ice right but I think they did not for my ice teh tarik and just gave me normal teh ping. Also, it was v lovely of Jeryl who sent the Westies home, even though he lives in Pasir Ris and it was the first time I met him (and I said earlier on in the night “I do not know him!” and the proceeded to laugh a lot) So yes, I think the Take Two boys are v lovely people!

Ok, this is more of a hi I am still alive kind of post. I wanted to do a guestpost (i.e. copy and paste) Blau’s post on Bebe’s Tea Party but she said that I should write my own 😦 hahaha so I shall do that… soon enough!


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