I was staying back in school to study tonight and at 8+pm, I was super sleepy and food coma-ing so I announced to the other people in the classroom “I am going to take a 5 min nap”. I wasn’t really expecting any replies but KWY suddenly said “NO! Go and do some push ups around the room!” And I was supper stunned.

Then he continued:
“You want to sleep? Look at your calender and see how many days exams are in. And then look at all the work you have not done yet. Do you still want to sleep?! Is Skoh sleeping? (For non-law school folks, you know how you always have the genius who always makes the deans list? Yup, that is Skoh) No! He is not sleeping! Then you cannot sleep!”

Then Juds and I just burst out laughing because it was so ridiculous.

But I still took that 5 minutes nap in the end.

Thankful for friends who motivate me to study, even if in v harsh ways LOL ❤

Left school early tonight and I managed to get home in time to watch Jay James’ cover of 500 miles because it was FREAKING AMAZING I LOVE IT, I LOVE HIM. he is truly a muiscal genius!


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