here comes the sun

semi-serendipitous encounter with someone i’ve always looked up to and yet always had missed opportunities to meet led to a series of email exchanges which have been absolutely lovely / scored tickets to ed sheeran next year (!!!!) probably the happiest i felt in a while/ took a ubercab for the first time today it was gr8, pls use my uber code tyvm (joelley1 hehe shameless plug part 2)/ recently had a moment that reminded me of 2011 – the moment i first found out and felt absolutely sick in my guts and disgusted at the other party but at me too for failing to realise – and realised this was what i’d always feared/ funny how i was fearful from the start but somehow ended up being blindsided once again/ maybe we only see the things we want to see/ regret believing you/ thankful for kris who somehow always happens to be the first person i call in such situations (only this time i didnt burst into tears but burst out into an awkward giggle, oh dear)/ was on the receiving end of being awaken by a phone call from a dear friend who burst out crying over the phone/ saw people from the past (technically they aren’t really from the past but I dont think I can count them as being in my present either) and had nice long conversations with some of them and that was nice + it made me realise that i’d missed it and missed them even, the community that church used to offer only that it was so intertwined with what/who i’d rather forget so i guess something’s gotta give

life hasn’t been all sunshine and butterflies lately and even though life and this sem has been relatively kind to me, inside it is starting to feel like dark clouds are looming/ im still learning to look for the little things in life to give thanks for/ like making plans with a friend right now for january and that is funny but i am glad and excited/ bkk trip with my babes in jan/ ed sheeran!!!! / my favourite part of walking out of botanics – seeing cute babies running, crawling rolling or down the mini hill upon which the pavillion stands and that sight just brings me a lot of joy

/ the wait is painful though / slow, long drawn death / especially when you are still holding out to hope/ the hope that you will stay (again)

/ note to self, all the time


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