(Make your world go round)

Exam season is tough. LIFE IS TOUGH.

The past week hasn’t been the easiest but I am v thankful for the wonderful people in my life that I can call friends :”) Like the friend who printed 93 pages of muggers for me the day before the aviation paper and bought bubble tea and old chang kee back to school for me :”) And the friend who gave me green tea ice cream which was a simple act but it made a shitty day so much better. And the cutest friend who took time off studying to meet me to talk over some issues the day before her paper. And the friend who tapaoed duck rice from Adam Hawker for me. Plus the lovely human being who drew my eyebrows for me before an interview (lol) And the friend who let me go over at night with drinks (to drown my/our sorrows/worries) and let me snuggle up in her bed just cause ❤

And everyone really.  I dont have time to list out everyone’s acts of kindness but truly, everyone has been extending so much love and kindness this exam season :”) I just want to give everyone mega huggles and love ❤

Also, I have been drafting a birthday related post but there has been too much inertia and too many things to study for PIL so I will do a proper post after exams. A FEW MORE DAYS FUYOH.

I’ll take you to the park
I’ll take you to the ocean
I’ll kiss you till it’s dark
Go through all the motions
(Make your world go round)


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