Creamy (by Blau)

Because this was too funny/ damning a conversation (without the context) and good things must be encapsulated in time… so here goes, photo credits and narration solely to Blau:

A screenshot like this…


Must have a very retarded and fascinating backstory so here is ours LOL

*Once upon a time in a seminar room*

Benji was giving Joni hypo qsns about who she might ever consider a suitable partner. He cited a very controversial name. Joni was taken aback and said “NO?! We’re like…apples and…durians”

Benji raised his eyebrow and said, “Oh so who is the durian? Does that mean you think he’s…?”

Joni: “What? Smelly? Pokey? Creamy?”

Everyone started loling at creamy.

Benji turned around and asked if we all knew what he was getting at or if Joni was the only one lost. CK, Joelle and I were all not too sure if we had the same thought in mind. So Joelle and I counted down from 3 to 1 and texted our answers to each other (Fig 1 above).

Then Joelle whispered our answer to CK and he loled and said that was exactly what he thought too.

We all refused to tell Joni and turned back to our laptops. She was discontented and puzzled and kept asking Benji to tell her the answer. Finally after Benji gave many hints, the biggest one being “yes sounds like thorny” Joni said “Omg I think I know…does it start with ‘h’?”

Benji still refused to disclose anything and said Joni must announce her answer using the loudspeaker attached to the seminar room. She finally obliged and declared into the microphone: “Is it…HORNY?”

Everyone immediately said what?! no!! why you think such things? but Joni could not be fooled anymore.

A few days later in Evidence tut, our Prof was talking about opinion evidence and describing someone with road rage. He then idly said “Hmm how do you describe someone who keeps horning?” Joelle and I looked at each other and loled.



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