look at the stars, look how they shine for you

The past three days of the week have been absolutely amazing :”) It started off on Monday night where I saw the Orion’s Belt and the Orion in the sky and that was probably one of the most breathtaking moments I’ve had (in Singapore at least lol). Had a good and blessed time that night with the Year 3 Prayer Group people even though I hardly attend prayer group but everyone was still so nice and welcoming and the bbq was fun and everyone was so open and honest in sharing. Thank God for community. That night, apparently there was a shooting star as we were walking out of Val’s condo but I missed it because I was looking at Shannon instead while she was talking lol. But that’s ok, the Orion’s Belt and Orion is good enough for me :”) Since then I’ve just been super in awe and filled with so much appreciation for the beautiful and simple things in life.

No photos of the Orion’s Belt because even though I just got my new iphone 6 (YAY OMG FINALLY!! a phone with a working camera!), it can only do that much. So here’s a photo of some of the lovely folks from the Y3 Prayer Group.


Of course there have been lows, even in the past 3 days alone. Ting would know because I chose angsty songs to sing/ shout while we were karaoke-ing yesterday and it was great! It was super therapeutic. Plus, I got to punch and kick it all out at the muay thai trial with Chee and FY last night and it was good, even though I have horrible co-ordination skills so my arms and legs can never do the right moves at the same time. Today saw meeting up with some SC girls, reminiscing about primary school/ secondary school and missing SC heaps. Then I got to mold a lot of cakes at work today (!!) so yay life has truly been good.

This is what happens when 3 girls get stranded and have to wait out the rain:





Leaving for Spain in less than 2 days and I am super psyched. I probably will not have much time to reflect on 2014 there since I won’t be back till 2015 (lol sounds like a long time but it’s actually only 2 weeks) so this is a reflection of sorts (in a few lines, lol). It’s hard to reflect on the year because since uni started, the academic year is non-calendric so my sense of time has gone a bit haywire – summer feels like last year, which is true in a sense since it is the last academic year, but it was only in June. So this feels all too strange. Being year 2 and year 3 all within the same year??? I can’t believe that there is only 1.5 years of law school left once the new school term begins in January and life is just passing by so quickly.

This year is significant because I’m officially an adult now (21 on 21 haha) and this progression towards adulthood also includes the two very important internship experiences. I’m immensely grateful for the opportunities I had to intern with AGC and with Drew and the 2 months at those two placements had v steep learning curves but are also times that I hold very dear to my heart because it reminds me of why I am studying law in the first place. Also Y2S2 saw the best grades I have ever seen in law school, so thank God for that. Y3S1 might… be the reverse? I am not too sure how I will do but it was the first time we got to choose electives and I thoroughly enjoyed all the modules I took because they are subjects that I chose because I was interested in. (maybe for one that I chose because of a misconception but it is done!) So this year has been good – both Y2S2 and Y3S1 because I have truly enjoyed law school and it’s so bittersweet that there’s only 1.5 years more to go. On one hand, I am thrilled to start working – to meet real clients and to have real life cases to handle. But on the other hand, I will miss being in such a structured environment, I will miss seeing my friends on a daily/ weekly basis and just being a sponge and absorbing so much knowledge.

If there is one thing I am most thankful for this year, it would be the people that I have been so blessed with in my life. I will not name names, lest I forget someone (it is 3 am now, post-exam season, so my brain is definitely not at its prime) but I am sure my friends all know who they are :”) The second half of this year saw me being unsure/ questioning my faith and I can’t say that I have it all figured out right now but I am thankful for friends who keep me grounded and for those who have been like my moral compass. It is truly scary to see how it is so easy to become the kind of person you once swore you’d never be. It’s like ta-dah, life just suddenly happens. But I am thankful for friends – for those who have knocked sense into me, for those who have always been reflections of God’s love and God’s grace, and for those who have loved me in their own way :”)

I am excited to see what 2015 holds! ย Haha what an abrupt end but if you made it through my stream of consciousness styled post (not intentional and obviously not top class literature material) tyvm :”) here is a happy song for you! I just rediscovered Kimya Dawson and :”)


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