“were you in a coma”

Lately, I have developed this horrible habit of taking a long time to reply messages. (Sorry friends, it’s not you, it’s me LOL) So yesterday, after about 6 days, I finally replied David and he was obviously not impressed by my less than proficient replying skills.


Although in my defence, the longest I have ever taken to reply someone was a month… and we are still friends LOL. I really died laughing at David’s reply though. I first saw it when I was walking to Reedz to get dinner and the whole walk there and back, I couldn’t stop laughing – to which Juds, Choy and Cass were v amused. I also could not think of a witty reply which left me quite annoyed but I concede defeat, I got Jessup-ed.

Sorry for the dearth of posts here! I have been well and alive and not in a coma, thank you :> I have drafted posts on my trip to Spain/Portugal/Dubai and the Bebes in Bangkok trip. I will finally upload them when they are complete 🙂

In other news, our final module allocations for this semester came out this evening. I really wanted to learn Spanish but I was outbidded for the module and my email pleas were ignored so I decided to add another law module this sem. My first choice was a popular module with <5 slots and I honestly did not think I would get it. In fact, I even went for my second choice lesson this week and also signed up for the group project, so imagine my surprise when I looked at the CORS website and saw that I had been allocated my first choice. Thank you Jesus 🙂


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