Life’s mysteries

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime style, certain peculiar things have been happening the past few days:

1. Yesterday, when I got home I had difficulty opening the door because there was a parcel blocking the door. I was the first one home for the day and my mum was the last one to leave the house in the afternoon, so I thought she received the parcel. But turns out, she did not sign for it. So we have absolutely no idea how the parcel got in to our house…. And the door was locked when I got home so it is impossible that the postman just casually opened the door, let himself in to put the parcel down.

But even more ridiculous…

2. SOMEONE STOLE MY CLOTHES AT THE GYM?????????!!!! I changed into my gym clothes and hung up my pre/post gym wear on the clothes rack. I left in my gym clothes because I had to catch a store before it closed to buy dinner back for my sis. It was the first time I decided to run off without showering (cause I was quite clean lol but also cause I could get a ride home to shower in the comfort of my home) so granted that it was my fault for forgetting to pick it up (but I also can’t be sure that it was there when I left cause I don’t remember seeing it on the rack). It was the last class for the night though and I called the gym the first thing the next morning… and my clothes were gone! There is really no explanation for stealing my clothes because it was not even super nice/ super expensive clothes!! It was just a pair of denim shorts and a crop tee. AND my bra was stolen too, IDGI???? whoever took it could have at least left that behind.

Anyway, on a happier note, some might have seen the horrid cracked screen of my iPhone 6. The story behind it is tragic and I shall save it for when I post about BKK but moral of the story: do not use a (cheapo) selfie stick. So the best thing about today was that I managed to get a 1 to 1 exchange for my phone at a cost of $108, because my phone is warranted under AppleCarePlus. Second moral of the story: PLSPLSPLS get apple care plus for your iphone!! You get 2 accident coverages and it covers cracked screens! So now I have a new shiny shiny beautiful iPhone 6 again and I am v pleased 🙂


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