Just a reminder to anyone who still reads this because I haven’t been posting in a long time but dont worry, I am not as dead as my blog.

But more importantly, I’m super glad that I survived my first crossfit trial today 🙂 I have been looking forward to it the WHOLE week and I am not kidding, like I was literally counting down to Friday night. I was a bit worried and super unsure of what to expect but I really enjoyed myself. I think it might have been a slightly watered down version of the actual classes (based on the WODs that I saw on other blog posts on Crossfit when I was doing my research) but wow it was still intense. And I am so thankful that I survived it. Although I told John (the coach) that I couldn’t feel my arms anymore… hahaha but I am masochistic like that and I enjoy the post-workout aches, so I know for sure that I will definitely be back for more 🙂

I have a snapchat video of John doing a walking handstand which was taken specially for Gideon who we found out we’ve both been asking to come for crossfit. I would post it here because a walking handstand is amazing??? but I dont know how lol. No other photos of the place/ the class…. but I do have a shameless happy post workout snapchat selfie. I was evidently v happy :>


In other, also happy, news:

Ed Sheeran tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I am super psyched about it. Juds and I have been trying to plan what shirt to customise for the concert tomorrow – to hopefully get him to notice us (LOL what are the odds really, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do right?) Initially, I was thinking of going with “Kiss Me Like You Wanna be Loved” in the shape of lips. But Blau reminded me of one of the Vday card that I made for the Bebes which was adapted from the A Team.


I think this would be a GREAT shirt. But I was telling Iris that I don’t think I can paint Ed Sheeran’s face too and as great as the words are on their own, his face on it would just make it SUPERGR8. So I asked Iris what she thought of just printing it and then sewing it on a shirt and then this conversation happened:

Iris: Lol
Iris: ER
Iris: What if it rains?
Me: As in tomorrow so we can’t get to Assembly? (At this point I was confused because I thought she was talking about how we were going to make it from school to assembly if it rains because we were also concurrently discussing a venue to meet for breakfast and bs)
Iris: hahahahah
Iris: No
Iris: If not ed sheeran’s face will CRUMBLE??????

LOLOL. Wise Iris is always wise. And so I said that I will laminate it to prevent it Ed’s face from crumbling and Iris said that “that will make a good shirt” LOL. So maybe I will actually just wear a t shirt with a laminated photo of Ed Sheeran/ that card ^

I shall decide tomororw. But either way – I am super psyched!!! And this has already been an incredible weekend: crossfit trial + I managed to go to the gym after that since the trial ended relatively early so I worked out some more :-))))) I am currently on an endorphins high and am SUPER happy + Ed Sheeran tomorrow. W O W life is gr8 🙂 Even though there’s a moot next week + 7,000 word RP due + an appeal subs deadline looming in the near future, life is still good, thank You Jesus :”)



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