And even that was an understatement. He didn’t come with a band – it was just him and his music guitar and an auditorium full of people. But being the loop genius that he is, W O W O W O W. It was really amazing. Hands down the best concert E V E R!!

I don’t want to cheapen the experience by trying to describe it with words but it was… magical and beautiful all at the same time. Friends, you can ask me to show you videos and photos taken and I will gladly show you all of them! Or actually even if you don’t ask me, I will probably shove my phone in your face and make you watch it if I see you in school/ around because good things must be shared haha. Also, I know the story behind each of his tattoos so for the next few days, I will probably still be fangirling and telling everyone I meet the story behind his tattoos.

Juds and I met in school to make our fangirl shirts. I started off with making the “kiss me like you wanna be loved” one in the shape of lips for Juds first. Making the shirt was the easy part but getting the stencil in the right size for the shirt was the tough part. I made many trips down to the study room and the people there probably thought I was v hardworking or something – but actually i was just trying to resize the stencil hah.


After I made her shirt, I couldn’t decide if I wanted the same design or if I wanted to go ahead with Blau’s suggestion. I tried to ask numerous people to choose. Blau suggested having one design for the front and the back. And to write “your ass is out of this place” on the back of yoga pants LOL. Too bad I didn’t bring yoga pants. Waited for people that I know to walk by and ask for votes and because it was Open Day, there were a lot of random people walking around the school. In the end, I cornered Ben and his friend and made them vote. In the end, I ended up with the suggestion from Blau as per the previous post:

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

As it got closer and closer to 8pm, we were evidently more excited too. There was a sign outside the concert hall that said we could only stand in our seats but being the rebels we are, we tried to stand up at the front until the security started chasing other girls back hahaha so we left before we could be chased away.

While we were standing at the front, a fellow fan who was there too complimented us on our shirt :”) So we asked her to help us take a photo… and our shirts could not be seen LOL but its ok, it was still a great night.


The lights went off and the sound guy came out carrying a guitar and the crowd went crazy. And juds took a photo and said “If I post this on insta and say that Ed Sheeran was great, would people know that it’s not him?” LOL and to be honest, from where we were, that dude totally looked like Ed Sheeran hahahah IMPOSTER

And then the concert finallllllly started

IMG_4335 IMG_4338



My favourite song of the concert would probably be Photograph. It was absolutely beautiful. And there was this magical moment when everyone in the crowd turned on the flashlights on their phone, faced it towards the stage and swayed together :”) (Refer to the photo below!)


Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset unnamed-8 unnamed-9

There was this moment in the concert when in super fangirl style, I shouted “MARRY ME” LOL but I was pretty much voiceless so it came out as a croak and Juds and I both burst out laughing. And when the next quiet moment came along, Juds nudged me to shout it again but I had no more guts anymore hahah. In typical Ed Sheeran style, he asked the audience to sing along/ sing parts for certain songs. We screamed a lot and sang along a lot and by the time the concert ended – we were left hoarse and manly sounding, still reeling from the magic of it all even as we ate Blackball for dessert.

With our own DIY fangirl shirts in front of the merch stall


A photo of metallic tattoos x the colourful owl tattoo that was supposed to match Ed Sheeran’s colourful tattoo sleeve.

Was super self-conscious about this photo cos my arm looks HUGE but I keep telling myself that it’s just the angle. And when I went to the gym, I asked the trainer if my arm was too big and she said its fine hahahah so :> ITS THE ANGLE AND LIGHTING FRIENDS IM NOT THAT BUFF

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Super thankful to Juds for being a 10/10 concert buddy 🙂



One week on and I am still suffering from post-concert withdrawal symptoms :”( SOBZ come back plz Ed ❤ ❤ ❤

Post concert, I tried to create an artsty photo + to remember my ANG KONG XIAO arms (which I really love love love a lot hehe). I’m still undecided about whether I like it or not haha



Also, while I am at it these are the significant things that have happened post Ed Sheeran:

1. New bag





And if you can’t see clearly, this is what it says hiakhiak



2. ACLP Moot 1

Had to moot as a DPP, against a real DPP which was both a v humbling but exciting experience. I don’t have photos to show for it even though I kind of wish I had taken a photo with my opponent and the judges but despite being instagram-photoless I really really really learnt a lot :”)


I might look like I am eating an ordinary cookie here lol but it is actually an ice cream sandwich and it was amazing *.*







4. Made quinoa avocado sushi tonight

Disclaimer: not the most fanciful photos of the cooking process, I dont know how food bloggers/ bakers/ people who cook amazingly well can take such nice photos

But W O W rolling a sushi is really hard?! and my rolls are not perfect but I was really quite pleased with the taste!








I couldn’t cut my sushi because I haven’t figured out how to roll it properly so when I cut it, all the quinoa will fall out :”( SOBZ. Friends, if anyone of you have sushi rolling protips, pls pls pls tell me!

Ok, time to go study/ do work: 1) 5,000 – 7,000 word RP due next Sat 2) ACLP appellate court subs due a few days after that 3) ACLP moot 2 one week after subs are due 4) IP presentation the day AFTER ACLP moot

W O W, H A L P


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