Green is the new black 

Recently I’ve been wondering whether my recent eating clean/ staying healthy thing is bordering on an unhealthy obsession. But I REALLY REALLY enjoy eating greens – kale, avocado (healthy fats!!) and all things veg. 

Although having said that, I have my weaknesses too – like ice cream. After some stuff had happened and I felt super happy and liberated, I went to buy a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and proceeded to finish the whole tub, by myself, over the weekend. MAD.

Today I went to Toss n Turn for lunch. It’s my second time there but I was still v amazed at how their portions are SO huge and filling and for a v reasonable price too! 

I’ve been feeling a bit more lethargic and less fit recently. Case in point, I used to go for 2/3 gym classes in a row cause I wanted to make it worth my traveling time haha but yesterday when I was at the gym, I only survived one Ultimate Interval class and I was supposed to stay for kickboxing but I really couldn’t after 10 mins of the second class. I was a bit worried so I asked FitspoLoh whether cutting carbs from my diet has anything to do with it. And she said that it’s likely because she went through the same thing too! So I am slowly introducing carbs back into my diet – starting with whole grain bread as seen in the photo! 

My lunch buddy SX 🙂 who was trying my quinoa avocado sushi hehe. Always v glad when people like my food :>



Post healthy eating, we decided to go for llaollao :> which isn’t exactly healthy but I keep telling myself that it’s yoghurt so it’s kind of healthy haha 


Had a v great time of honest sharing, eating good food and indulging in sweet treats with SX today 🙂 We don’t meet very often but when we do, it’s a good time and I’m v thankful that we became friends two dec ago back in camp! I think she’s the only friend from Anntic 2013 that I am still actively in touch with beyond insta and Facebook, and I’m v thankful for that 🙂 I have a lot of gripes with how technology has changed the nature of friendships and dating (which I will save for another post next time maybe) but when you have good, true, godly friends that keep you anchored, I think technology doesn’t really affect that 🙂 


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