In Memoriam 

I didn’t want to  jump on the bandwagon to write or share anything on social media because (1) I didn’t know him personally and I think anything that I can write is quite cheap in comparison to everything he has done (2) I don’t want to belabour the point and simply reiterate everything that the media and various tributes are saying. But while I was taking a break from writing my RP last night, I listened to the rendition of Home by the St. John’s College, Cambridge, boys that PM Lee shared on his Facebook page. Their rendition gave me goosebumps and these were a few thoughts that I had whilst watching the short clip: 

  1. I am proud to call Singapore my home. As much as I have a penchant for wanderlust and I always long to see the world and be elsewhere, I know that at the end of the day, I always want to come back home. 
  2. I was filled with immense gratitude at how the labour of a visionary man has really led Singapore to where she is today. For all the slightly inappropriate and frivolous (IMHO) albeit punny #noYewnous hashtags going around, there is really quite a lot of truth to it. 
  3. There was also a deep sense of respect for Mr. Lee. Having read most of the articles and tributes about the man, he is not perfectly but he definitely strove to be and his commitment to his work, family and relationship is so amazing. I was telling YQ as we stood in the queue to sign the condolence book at the NUS memorial service that “he was really one of a kind”, and he truly was. 
  4. While there’s an inclination to complain about the recent overwhelming workload and deadlines in the midst of the busyness that is law school, I was filled with gratefulness at the privilege to study. And being able to receive an education at a world class institution no less, with an illustrious alumni is truly a blessing. 

Along the driveway leading up to BTC, the school put up this board:   It’s simple but at the same time, it speaks volumes. 

Thank You :”) 


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