$200 memories

I spent most of today in bed because after the two Fundamentals sessions over the weekend, my legs are hurting – and that’s an understatement. I spammed muscle relaxants before heading to bed last night but sitting down, getting up and even walking has proved to be a difficult task. I’m not actually sure whether it is normal to be in so much pain???? But they say pain is weakness leaving your body right? Terri, one of the girls in the course asked me on the second day how I felt after the first session and I told her that I was in a lot of pain but she agreed but said it was good we went back. I told her that I’m mascohistic like that and she said “crossfit is like that” hahah so I guess I’m in the right place and doing the right thing 🙂 Hopefully as my body gets used to the weights, I won’t be super sore after each session anymore 🙂 It’s quite funny how the regulars at the box were adding coloured plates to their bar (I think they are at least 15/20 kg per plate) while I was digging to find a 1.25 kg plate LOL but baby steps 🙂 Today I received a message on carousell from a buyer who’s interested in my unicycle and I’ve been having mixed feelings about it. I initially put it up because I was spending so much money on new gym clothes/ I wanted to buy new sports shoes and yknow how you never have enough money because there wil always be more things to buy?? So I decided to put my beloved unicycle that has been sitting under my bed collecting dust on carousell for fun. I put it up a few months back and no one offered me anything. A few days back, I was looking through old photos on Facebook and saw my photos on the unicycle and I decide to give it a try, to learn how to ride it again. But today, I received a message asking if it was still available and I find it so hard to part with the unicycle now. It’s silly how we get so irrationally attached to things that we don’t use but have sentimental value and that’s really how I feel about my unicycle. I got it in 2012, post T (I should stop saying Post T like my life was completely different before, during and after him. But I also dont wanna say post break up because things were not as simple and clear cut as that) and it was part of the whole re-inventing myself thing. I wanted to pick up new things and be a new person. So one day, as I was walking past a bicycle shop (mind you at that time I still could not ride a bike LOL), I walked in and just asked whether they had a unicycle for sale. Then the lady showed me what they had and it was love at first sight – so I bought it on a whim. 524634_10150830270236119_1477090984_n I remember texting Nic very excitedly, telling him that I was going to get a unicycle and all that. And being super rational and logical, he said “maybe you should learn how to ride it first” hahahah I should have taken his advice but I didnt and ended up buying it anyway and the shop owner linked me up to a few people who play unicycle hockey lol talk about learning how to run before you can crawl. Nic was v lovely (even though I didnt take his advice hahah) and even wanted to come with me to Changi to learn how to ride it but we never made the trip down (we ended up going to play LAN which was great haha). Even though I tried a few times at home, I could never really get the hang of riding my unicycle. These are photos taken by Eliza when she came over to learn it together with me – we were skateboarding and unicycling and it was a great night :”)

My unicycling days were also the days where I had my favourite hair!!! :>

545481_10150907667644862_1631764699_n-2527631_10150907667029862_372700825_n 600244_10150907666944862_616593931_n318284_10150907666649862_469909743_n

I saw these photos and freaked out because… I WAS A LOT SMALLER?! This was when I weighed in at 46 kg! The lightest/ when I was most satisfied with my weight (even though my secret ideal weight is a few kgs lighter but I shall not say anything here in public lol). SIGH…. when shall i ever go back to being 46???? 562103_10150907666799862_2096461263_nWith Eliza ❤ ❤ ❤ 540673_10150907667329862_911618487_n

We don’t talk a lot these days but I am super thankful for this girl because she was really there for me when I needed someone the most ❤ Those days were M A D but I am so thankful for her. And I guess every time I look at the unicycle, I think of why I even wanted to reinvent myself in the first place, I think of Eliza and the people that were there for me through those days that I look back on and laugh at now but at that time, it was dark man. I think of Nic (and the whole gin gang of them) and everything that happened that summer too. And I really really can’t bear to sell it :”( $200 white elephant/ worth of memories right there.


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