Brb, hibernating 

Finally, hell week x 3 is over. Thought I’d be done with the take home way before the 9am deadline but ended up only submitting it 5mins before the deadline. 

Took an hour nap at close to 4am and I’m v thankful to Ting who gave me a wake up call at 5am because I totally didn’t hear my 3 alarms. PFFFT. 

Super tired but super glad that it’s over. Time to hibern8 🙂 

Can hear the sounds of thunder outside my window. I hope a storm is brewing cause it’d be gr8 to hibern8 in.   

First time that I can sleep in peace (with no deadlines to worry about, WEW) in awhile. Gonna make the most out of it and be dead to the world for quite some time. Goodnight m8s. 


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