Rose tinted glasses 

I was walking out of school and I thought that it was a really great day to be out. The sun was out but it was not hot and humid but quite an enjoyable warmth. Also, everything looks extra beautiful through the lens of my new shades but maybe also because I am super recharged and revitalized after the short weekend getaway. 

As I walked under the trees, there was this sudden shower of leaves. And it was quite a magical moment. So I just stood there watching the leaves fall for about a minute. I tried to get a video but was too slow and only caught the last few bits of the falling leaves. Sometimes I wish we had the 4 seasons here in Singapore but then again, without it, I kind of just experienced autumn. 

I got this photo though and if you look closely, you can see the falling leaves :”)   

It was one of those, sun on your face, wind in your hair and you realize life is beautiful and there is so much to be thankful for kinda moments. 

Ended up missing my bus by SECONDS because of the time I spent just standing under the trees, oops. But hey, it was worth it. 


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