b l e s s e d

I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep after, even after I’d lay in bed for an hour trying to sleep. So I got up, made breakfast and decided to work out. It’s only 530 now but I’ve just completed a workout and I feel F A B 🙂 Everyone else at home is still asleep so it’s really quiet (aside from the sound of my furious typing). But when I stop typing, in the stillness of the morning, I can hear my heart racing from the workout and I’ve never actually felt more alive before. This is a very wonderful feeling :”)


Also, everyone has been very lovely lately.

E.g. 1- A few nights ago, I was at the Summit just before it closed and Uncle Belson asked me if I’ve had my dinner yet. I hadn’t and was actually v hungry but just planning to eat a leftover bun from lunch so I told him I hadn’t yet. Then he quickly gave me a bowl of glutinous rice, FOR FREE :”) He is truly the sweetest.

This might not look like much but it really made my night :>


Also, Uncle Belson always asks how my revision is going and he also famously said “You all study hard and I will also work hard to make the best coffee” :””””””) #unclebelsonforpresident

E.g. 2 Went to my locker yesterday and was suprised by this sight.


Took out all the goodies :”) Turns out they were from Ting and Ben. Super duper blessed and thankful :”””””)


And this morning when I got off the bus, as I was going to walk through Botanics to get to school, I saw the BTC approaching and it was a great sight to behold because it meant that I didnt need to hike up to school.

It’s all these small things, really, that make life great :”)


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