Me, Earl and the Dying Girl

(finally reset my password and am no longer logged out of my own wordpress, yay)

As I passed by my old condo on the way home tonight, I caught a glimpse of this bedroom through an open, un-curtained window. I saw the big bed that filled the room, the person in pyjamas who happened to be pacing the room and I was thankful that I lived on the side of the condo that did not face the mainroad, without exposing my life to the purview of strangers on buses even for a splitsecond. But of course, I wondered too whether anyone from the opposite side had been able to look into my room at any moment; and if they did what would they have seen?

That condo holds a lot of precious memories. Coming home from camp one night to find my Trinity friends waiting in my living room to surpise me for my birthday :”). All the times spent with T in the study room upstairs and the glassroom at the back; like that particular night when I had a sudden laughing fit in the glassroom and we coined the term alcolol. I remember wanting to stay in that moment forever because if anyone asked me when I had felt pure, unadulterated bliss, that would have been it. But that was also the same place that I sat at with Nic after my first clubbing experience, telling someone I’d just met all about my ex-boyfriend. Learning how to unicycle with Eliza; learning to pick myself back up again. Truly, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

Which is funny because tonight, I watched Me, Earl and the Dying Girl at the Projector (!!!) with Pris and that was one of the first few lines of the movie ha ha ha. It is a great show by the way, everyone should watch it!! I’ve been super excited to watch this show ever since I watched the trailer. It seems so 500 Days of Summer x Juno x Ruby Sparks x all the films I enjoy. And it definitely did not disappoint.

The wordy start to this post can possibly be attributed to the show which made me a bit more contemplative after. Pris said that she really liked the last part of the show which was both about loss and rediscovery, I agree. I think that’s what made it so poignant but also so beautiful at the same time.

Aside from the great movie, I really loved the theatre as well. It was my first time at the Projector and I was super excited because there were a few film screenings there that I missed previously so I was v happy when Pris could come tonight 🙂 We were not too sure where it was because it was both our first times but when we reached one of the Golden Miles (I’m still not sure which one), Pris immediately pointed out the Projector logo above the lift and we knew we’d found it. That girl has 10/10 skin and eyesight, wow.

In the lift there were a lot of posters that said “When I was 11…” which was a promo for I Am Eleven, another movie that is screening at The Projector too! Thought that was a super cool way to advertise the film. Also, check out the poster with the red and green drawing, in case you can’t see clearly it reads “When I was 11… I had my first kiss (red heart) to a prince (green frog), and now I am a princess!!” hahahahahah cute.


I liked The Projector already, even while I was in the lift so when we got out and saw the waiting area + the decor, we liked it even more. It was super old school looking and quirky; am probably not doing the place any justice so you should go there and check it out yourself.


Check out their cool backgrounds. They had images as such on the walls along the way to the restroom, which you had to get to via stairs and I was super intrigued by it. This was the most h1pst3r outfit I could pick out today because it was such a hipster theatre – a plaid shirt and a flare skirt (that got cut off and thus i look like a blob but oh wells)


This is like a zouk chop only that you don’t need UV light and it is pretty cool, or maybe we were just to impressed by the h1pst3r vibes of the place that everything is cool haha. IMG_7194

Pris and I took a photo of both our “ok” stamps together and the perfect caption for such a photo would obviously be “Maybe okay will be our always” hahaha. (Will post that photo once Pris sends it to me!)

Halfway through the movie, Pris turned to me and said “my stomach is burning” and shortly after I told her “my stomach is churning too”. Just before the show we had 3 bowls of really spicy, $1.90 per bowl, boat noodles. We were struggling to speak during dinner because we just kept drinking thai milk tea to try to soothe the burn. And I guess during the movie, the spiciness began to set in 😦


But we made it through till the end of the movie. Me, Earl and the Dying Girl was a film that I went in, half-expecting to cry while watching. But I wasn’t expecting the laughter and I really, really enjoyed it 🙂 It’s one of those shows that you watch, really enjoy and then proceed to spend some time contemplating the movie and life in general after. Really want to watch a lot of the shows that are being screened at The Projector! Am v excited for more movie date nights with Pris :-)))))

Okay, this has been quite a long (and difficult to write because it’s been awhile) post after a long hiatus. What happened was that I somehow got logged out of my wordpress and I forgot my password then never really got around to resetting it LOL. I’m not sure if this is a “I will return to blogging again” post yet but will probably be posting a bit more often now that I have a new password 🙂


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