Lumiere, darling

I am currently lounging in bed and writing this while procrastinating on writing something. I would have thought that the words would come easy after 3 years of law school. But I sat in front of my laptop for 10 minutes today and I only managed to churn out one line. [Update: Ok, I manged to churn out half a page in 5 minutes, so I guess law school has trained me well after all haha.]

Tomorrow, it would be week 6 of Y4S1 and that thought is absolutely terrifying because wow, 5 weeks of the sem just flew by like that?! and also that means the sem is half over…. and law school is almost over.

But this sem has been very wonderful 🙂 for various reason:

  1. I am only taking 18 credits this semester as compared to previous sems where I overloaded and took 23 creds or 20 (but ok, 20 is the norm). And I really enjoy the modules I am taking this semester! International criminal law has been absolutely interesting and inspiring, i really love it! And spanish!! I’m learning Spanish with Josh and MH – it’s been great. + having classes in KR this sem means I get to have The Deck YTF. I had laksa YTF twice in a week but no ragrets it was super good and cheap.
  2. Wonderful timetable!! Now that intensives are over, I actually have a four day weekend which is awesome! I have been planning to take one of my free weekdays to go to a cafe for some me time like eat lunch by myself, read a book (or maybe do my pile of readings…) but it has yet to materialise. Soon, soon! Also, for the first time since electives started, I actually am not the LAST to end exams. I end pretty early this sem which is neat because for the past two sems, I’ve been watching my friends end while waiting like two weeks till I end exams 😦 BUT YAY :-))))
  3.  Prayer Group. I used to attend the Y4 prayer group once or twice a sem but I’ve been attending it this sem and I am very thankful for the community and for the organising committe who has been serving and co-ordinating PG meetings each week 🙂
  4. Not exactly related to school but now that I’m 2 weeks into my social media fast, I have had more time and have had the opportunity to be more intentional in meeting up/ making plans to meet up with people I havent seen in awhile and it has been lovely :”)
  5. Definitely not related to school, but being a first time voter for GE2015 was a very exciting experience. I attended my first rally, cheered (softly) along with the crowd and of course voted!! And following the results this year was obviously a lot more exciting too. Although, now that it is all over, it feels a little anti-climatic but hey, I am excited for what this new Parliament and Cabinet would mean for Singapore.

Ok, I need to get back to that write up + my 150 words Spanish compo on mi familia is waiting for me.

I shall leave you with the perfect Sunday afternoon song. Happy Sunday! 🙂


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