without you things go hazy

This is the piece of work that I’m proudest of my whole uni life.

It’s my first Spanish assignment – it’s a composition in which we had to describe our family’s physical characteristics and character.  

The last two lines of my Spanish compo reads: “Finally, I have two pigs, one boy and one girl. They are pink, very fat and very cute.” HAHAHA I luv it. I was so excited as I was talking to MH in school, planning how to describe my imaginary pet pigs :”)

I was very excited and wanted to tell everyone I saw about my pet pigs! I sent the photo and translation above to a friend who said “LOL WHAT.” And he laughed at how I wrote about imaginary pigs in an essay that’s supposed to be about my family.  Hahahaha but hey, imaginary pets are family too!! :”) And to be fair, my prof did say that we can make up siblings/ pets if we did not have a big family.

After Spanish class, I met up with a man that I have a lot of love and respect for 🙂 After 5/ 6 years of leaving Trinity, I finally met up with Pastor Gary for dinner. It was 5/6 years worth of catch up all squeezed into a short 2 hours because he had to rush back to church for a class but it was a truly blessed time and I am so thankful to have been part of his ministry 🙂

PGary also gave me a N95 mask because from 5pm when we drove out of PL from dinner to when we left the cafe, the haze became super terrible. So this is me, wearing an N95 mask for the first time (!!!) walking out of the PL car park hahaha.

But the haze is really getting terrible – my eyes felt like they were burning. And my heart goes out to all the construction workers, especially those who have been working on the downtown line because they have to be out in the open, dealing with this shitty haze and the sweltering heat 😦

And here is a very appropriate song for the haze. LOL. But seriously though, it is a great song :”)

P.s. I actually wrote the post and uploaded the photo from my phone so I have a feeling the photos might be rather largo (Spanish for big/large) and I can’t seem to adjust the size from my computer so… ENJOY lol.


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