Today the most ridiculous thing happened. At 1259, I staked out on IVLE for the release of my Remedies Take Home Exam Paper and at 1pm when the paper was finally released, I quickly downloaded it. And it turned out… that the paper that was uploaded was for MULTIMODAL LAW?????? so I called Joni and for about 10 minutes, we were both very perplexed. We kept refreshing our emails and IVLE to see if the new paper would be uploaded. Eventually it was…. And now about 6 hours later, here I am, finally done with one module, WEW.

Just last night, I was feeling so miserable – because I fell sick again cos of the haze – and I was so tempted to take an MC for today’s paper. But I also just wanted to get it over and done with so I am glad that it is over! One mod down – 3 more to go! But even in the midst of feeling sorry for myself, I have a lot to be thankful for. Like how while I was just sitting at the dining table studying last night, my dad came over and gave me a massage :””””)

Also, I received flowers and this lovely card from the lovelier Shanny two days ago 🙂

Receiving flowers make me very happy because they are so beautiful :”) Mid paper just now, I looked up and happend to see the bouquet from HJ and I felt a little better :> It’s a beautiful bouquet of artificial flowers which I have kept for more than a year now, but there’s still something about real flowers, fragile and ephemeral, that is very human.

Also, here is a list of things that have made me very happy in the past week:

  1. Went for a buffet lunch to celebrate my baby sister’s 18th and the food was gr8 (I may or may not have had 6 gelato sticks LOL) but more importantly, I had a really great time with the family. Havent felt THIS happy in awhile. And then proceeded to food coma the rest of the day but hey, time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted right
  2. Received an email for which I am very thankful :”)
  3. Received a postcard from Choyboy all the way from Boston
  4. A poetry book I ordered a month ago finally came in the mail along with my new work out clothes :”) LOVE RECEIVING NEW MAIL
  5. Recently, Theo sent me a snap of his wall decor and there on the chain of polaroids hanging on his wall, there was one of us too AWW :””) SO HONOURED
  6. Josh sent me what might possibly be the best snap ever and I couldnt stop laughing at it. Wish you can save snpachat videos :((((
  7. Got to Google Hangout with Jien ❤ and another time with Nic and Vee too and it is great 🙂 I really love google hangout! Thank God for technology
  8. I HAVE A NEW SPANISH NAME. My Spanish prof asked us to come up with a Spanish name for class and it took a long time for me to decide on one, in the end she helped me pick one out of my two options and I really quite like it :”) Ask me in person though because I AM SHY hahahahah
  9. Had a lot of snpachat fun with the cutest little munchkin :”)

I would upload the snapchat videos because I love them so much!! He is supaaaa adorable 💖 but I can’t seem to upload videos on WordPress?? so ^ is a screengrab of one of our videos :”)

Every sem has that period of mid terms x assignment mayhem and I think the past two weeks was it for me. And I am sooooo glad it is over. While I am very tempted to lay in bed and feel miserable over haze induced sickness + having to sniff and cough my way through a less than ideal paper tonight, I am just thankful that it is over! And more importantly, I really thank God for sending all the lovely people my way to love me ❤

Also! Most importantly, I have been following the HONY refugee updates and to just reiterate what I posted on Facebook, the refugee series really puts a lot of things in perspective and right now, I am just immensely thankful for peace and the privilege of education. I don’t claim to know a lot about the crisis but the refugee series on HONY is definitely worth a read! We are so far removed from the crisis here in Singapore but when you put a face to the crisis and learn about the stories of individuals, it’s hard to remain apathetic to what is going on.


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