I like being upside down 

Had the chance to step into a 32 MILLION dollars house over the weekend and W O W it was beautiful. Spammed snapchat with snaps of the rooms, the walk in wardrobe + the v beautiful attic of the house :”) It is huuuuge and if I had 32 million, I would definitely buy it and house all the people i love together in one house :> Might be a bit squeezy for everyone to live together but I’m sure with such a huge house, we could all fit 🙂

I couldn’t waste the empty space so I played around with some inversions and flows 🙂

Bakasana is not perfect, still working on it! Vee tagged me in an insta giveaway awhile back on ‘why you go back to the mat each time’. She tagged me at 2359 + sent me a series of frantic texts in caps saying I had a minute to do it but obviously did not make it in time for the insta giveaway. But I did think about and I think why I go back each time is really because even if I had a bad day/ bad practice on the mat, I know that with each practice, I am stronger and better than I was the day before and that just keeps me going back! Also, I really do like being upside down. It is fun :p


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