Currently feeling rather overwhelmed with the number of things that are waiting to be done by next week. I think a few posts ago I mentioned that the worst week of the sem is probably over but I take that back. Spanish test this week, 45 min 40% presentation this week and over 1000+ documents that I need to edit for something I had volunteered for. And also am currently, at 12:41 am, still toying with the idea of going to the gym for an 8:05 HIIT class tomorrow – but I know that I will be the grumpiest person in the world when my alarm rings at 5.50 am tomorrow morning; because my house is that far away >:

In my head, if I wake up and gym at 8, I can spend clock one or two hours of good studying/ research before Spanish class tomorrow and I would be super efficient and have a super productive day. But that will probably happen in an alternate universe where I don’t have sleep issues and where I don’t still have things waiting to be done at 12:40 am. And I also just had 3 hours worth of conditioning and flexibility class today so… I should probably spend more time doing work! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

ok this has been a very whiny post, i shall go back to revising Spanish. goodbye! (c/f DXE hehe, I am glad that you are blogging again x)


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