mal dia

Hoy es un mal dia. (Today is a bad day) – I’m not even sure if that is correct because I pieced that together with whatever Spanish I have. And I am also currently listening to Bad Day by Daniel Powter just because. All dem old skool feelzzzz.

Here’s the list of things that I need to get done by this week that has been making me feel quite overwhelmed:

  1. Spanish test on Wednesday – i.e. I need to revise 10 weeks worth of Spanish and honestly, my Spanish no muy bien and is rather mal. Hahaha ok I shall stop making sentences with piecemeal Spanish.
  2. 40%, 45 minute presentation on Saturday – I think the thought of having Wednesday evening – Saturday to prepare is kind of daunting because the presentation is based on an 6,000 – 8,000 RP that I am to write on (which I only have a rough idea of what I am writing about) and will probably need to do a lot of research on.
  3. Also it does not help that I was supposed to go to USS with the LAWR folks on Friday night. Somehow a few of us were operating under the impression that it was on a Saturday so I was very excited to go for it right after my presentation and it would be a perfect way to destress! But alas! So I need to worry about selling off my ticket now as well.
  4. 5pm Sunday deadline for a Spanish video where we need to film ourselves having a conversation hahahaha. (I am honestly quite excited to do this! But can only work on it after Saturday sobz)

If you asked me “how is your semester going?”

This would probably be me:


(Credits: tumblr)

And yay because Jigglypuff is my favourite pokemon hahaha I can still sing the jigglypuff song LOL

I don’t forsee myself getting a lot of sleep in this week with all the things that need to be done ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So just to make the most out of this situation, I have decided to keep a log of how much I sleep using the snapchat clock filter (but I won’t snap any more than I already have been haha). Will post that at the end of the week and we’ll see!

And in the midst of the busyness here’s a list of things to be thankful for:

  1. Today I ran into a few people on the way to school and back from school – the conversations were rather short, maybe even small-talk, but it was nice. Maybe because Y4 has been a rather lonely (for lack of better word) year in the sense that I am not taking classes with close friends this sem and it has been hard to see my friends around in school apart from times when we intentionally meet up.
  2. Choyboy told me that he found my terrier postcard!! I was telling him that the next postcard from him should be a Boston Uni postcard with the Boston Terrier mascot (super cute!!) and he sort of found it so I am v excited to receive mail from Boston :>
  3. SGK asked me for my address yesterday and when I asked wassup he said he was gonna send love letters LOL -.- but yay!! I think I have another post card coming my way so that is good ๐Ÿ™‚ Postcard from Choy in Boston, SGK in NY and other friends are sorta on the way and that’s a hugeย plus side of having friends on exchange/ studying overseas. LOVE RECEIVING AND SENDING POSTCARDS ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Yo con mis amigos have a rough outline of our Spanish video assignment and I am quite excited to film it (and eat ice cream sandwich while filming it hehe)
  5. My dad and sis are en route to Korea for a holiday now (I ALSO WANT, SOBZ) and they just sent a whatsapp to update that they have just complete their first leg safely so that is great ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Found a Tealy Genmai Matcha satchet in my SGFW bag so I am quite excited to make tea ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok, 6 + points to negate the 4 – points of today yay! And I should probably go make that Genmai Matcha tea and continue with the above tasks.

This will probably be me later~

tumblr_niyvfjcWA41rqaiu7o1_540 tumblr_nlfqf8x6XT1toelzxo1_1280

But thank you motivational hedgehog! And also tumblr for all the pics! ^^


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