el veintiuno de octubre

Spanish test 1 (meaning that there will be another one some time later this sem *SAD FACE*) done and dusted! When I first told people that I was going to learn Spanish this sem, everyone was telling me that learning a new language would be tough and I thought being really interested and having just visited Spain not too long ago (+ having made friends whilst I was there hehe) would be motivation enough. But indeed, it has been tough. And studying for the first Spanish test was very time consuming.

I thought I’d be able to finish by late afternoon yesterday and spend the rest of the day working on my presentation but in the end, at 530 am (when I decided to go to bed) I was still not done yet. Just before I went to bed, I texted my mum to ask her to wake me up by 930. But I was pretty stressed – kept thinking about what I still have to study, what to prepare/ where to start on my presentation, what to do about the HHN ticket. So half an hour later when I still couldnt fall asleep, I texted her to wake me at 10 instead. And the next thing I knew, I was watching the sunrise and it was already 7 and I freaked. Sent Kris a series of frantic/ freaking out texts but somehow eventually managed to fall asleep, thank God.

My mum woke me up at around 11 just before she left home and w o w :”) Basically woke up to this:

FullSizeRender-16w o w :”) She made and left me coffee and lunch before she left home !! so touched :”)

(Note to self: need to go thread my brows next week!!)

I only ate half of what my mother made me and so I was very hungry and since she happened to be in the area, she picked me up and we went to have Rollie Ollie before my night class! 🙂



After we ate at Rollie Ollie, my brain function was officially at sub-optimal level. I’m not really sure how I did but I survived my night class. Was whatsapping Pris while waiting for my mum to get me and such is law school life:

Background context is that during recess week, when we had deadlines and assignments aplenty, we had one night where we agreed to stay up and have a snapchat party at 5 am hahaha. And we (or at least I) thought that that period was the end of it… hahah

Hahahahahahah ok so i dont really want to be a cow but I am really very tired. And I am sitting here now, eating the second half of the lunch my mother had prepared for me, writing this and also watching a movie to destress at the same time. Come tomorrow, it’s back to work – readings and preparing for the presentation and checking things off my to do list.

Also, if you realised, I have 77 unread messages. I apologise if I haven’t replied you yet 😦 I usually make it a point to reply super urgent messages/ ‘where are you’/ ‘where shall we meet’ type texts but otherwise I might take awhile especially now that it’s been mad busy hehe but I will still reply eventually! Be patient with me!

p.s. Also, thanks for the shoutout DXE 😉

I cant wait for this week to be over!!


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