Week 13

Have been feeling very uninspired lately and it’s not exactly the best state of mind to be in when there’s an article to write (which is pretty much done, i think yay!) and a 5,000 – 8,000 word research paper waiting to be written (which is totally not done, no yay). Went to school to study with Friend X on Monday but we ended up walking out to Cold Storage to buy food and then to Macs to get seaweed shaker fries (IT WAS SOOO GOOD), watching the Our Times music video and then I helped her swipe on tinder hahaha whatrwedoingsrsly. I definitely do not miss tinder though…. lolol.

Spent the weekend skyping with Ting and Theo and it was a very lovely day :”) Ting is one of the sweetest person I know and someone once described her as having a heart of gold, truly, if that description were to be used on anyone, it would really be Ting. Was v relieved to find out that she received my parcel and she said she just sent me a postcard so I’ve been checking my mail every day :> I love receiving postcards 🙂 Just got one from SGK (in NY) recently and was v touched that he thought of sending me one :”””) Unlike Choy who has been postcard blackmailing me…. LOL. Am currently accepting applications for new friends hahahah

IMG_7904 IMG_7905

Haven’t talked to Theo properly since he left apart from texts here and there so it was great to skype him over the weekend (and on his birthday!!)


He spent most of the skype session eating which is why theres 2x pig emoji. Also, it was like 3 am in LA time!! When we first started skyping he was eating CCCD out from the tub and then as we talked I said “ok la you can have another tub of ice cream, you deserve it” and then offered to eat ice cream at the same time too. But when I came back with my tub of sticky chewy chocolate, he asked if he could have fried chicken instead hahaha so that’s what you see in the snap! For grad trip next summer, after/ in between traveling with the law sku folks, I also plan to go up to LA to visit Theo and Rob so we talked about what we would do when I vist and I am super excited!!! Currently, our plan involves 2 portions of animal fries among other things hahahah yey~~~ Super duper thankful for technology ^^


I wrote the above last night when I was sick of writing my RP and tonight, I came home to find postcards from Choy and Ting!! :”) Yay! Truly makes me so happy and Ting is the cutest, she even stuck on a maple leaf (because she is in canada) and some flower hahaha luv you ting :*


And Choy obviously did not send me a Boston Terrier postcard… The story of my postcard blackmail is to be continued.

In between researching for and writing my RP, I have kept myself amused and occupied with:

  1. The latest app fad – Neko Atsume. So I have been refreshing and checking my app every few hours to see whether new cats have visited my yard. It’s something that I’ve been doing with my sis who looooooves cats so I’m v thankful for this app! Can someone pls pls pls invent a similar app with french bulldogs and pugs plssss, will be eternally grateful :”) LOL just as I typed the preceding sentence, I thought to myself ‘wow I need to get a life hahahahah’ but to be fair, look at the screenshots, it’s quite a cute app right??
    IMG_7934 IMG_7937
  2. I’ve been attending a bootcamp like workout sesh and on our first session, the trainer told me that I should get new sports shoes because my skechers (which I bought 2 years ago from the States) are currently quite worn out. I was super happy when I heard that because new kicks!! And I’ve also been eyeing the Nike Flyknit collection so I’ve been trying to decide which pair to get heheh.

Here are some of my options so far:

Nike Flyknit Agility Zoom – Multicolour


This was actually my dream pair!! But I’m not so sure now because it looks super pretty in pictures online and on instagram but when I saw it in real life I was a bit disappointed because the colours are not as vibrant as in the photos. Wonders of photo editing, tsk.

Nike Flyknit Free 5.0 – Grey (Or maybe black)


I quite like this pair too! And I was thinking of maybe going for a more monochrome/ basic colour pair so that it’s more versatile – like I can wear it with jeans pre-gym or something. Oh yeah and !!! I have not had time to blog about this but I am going to Tokyo for about a week right after exams hehe so yes, I was thinking if I get a new pair of kicks before I leave, I can wear them on the day that I go to Mount Fuji!!! YAY 🙂 Friends, pls feel free to snapchat me which pair you prefer!! Or if you have any other pairs to recommend, I would appreciate it v much :>

Ok I should get back to writing my RP :””””””””( CRIES. Last night at 3am I had this crazy thought to change my RP case study and then I freaked out and up till now I am still undecided. LOL but I’m just gonna go ahead and keep writing and we shall see what happens! TWO MORE DAYS TO WRITE, DUM DUM DUM DUM


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